Getting More Traffic To Your Site Through The Disqus Commenting System

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Commenting With Disqus For Traffic

Everyone knows that bloggers love to comment, primarily through the CommentLuv system- which as become quite popular amongst the various blogging communities.

But did you know that you can also use Disqus to comment on high traffic sites, which includes blogs, news, and a number of other types of sites?

Currently, it’s true.

All you need is a free Disqus profile where you can proudly insert a single link and even a description to any site you would like to. As far as I know, they also allow affiliate links! How cool is that?

[Please see the notes below about spamming before proceeding). Do not ruin it for everyone else. Or we will find you and… (LOL. just kidding / joking).]

I have compiled a small list of high traffic sites that use the Disqus commenting system:

A List Of High Traffic Sites Using The Disqus Commenting System  – This one has a good Alexa ranking but they may not always approve a comment.  You should make nice, polite posts there if you want them to be approved.  It is not a free-for-all commenting site, like some of those in the rest of the list.  – update – edition.cnn no longer displays your link with your post.   Do not waste time commenting on any site that won’t display your link.  Always check a site to make sure your link displays.


(if you know of others, please add to this list via the comment section below

Do NOT Comment Spam

Before you go off with that list and spew inappropriate comments all over the place, I want you to think long term for a moment.   These sites can throw away this great comment system and start using something else tomorrow.

That something else may not be as cool as Disqus – meaning that they let you put a link on their site.   If that were to happen and you lost the ability to leave a link it would be a bummer for the entire community.

In addition, you would lose any link value that was residual after the system was removed.   I hope that is powerful enough incentive for you to think twice about what you are about to do.

Do not wreck it for everyone else, just because you can’t wait to get some spammy links out there.

Here Are Some Suggested Guidelines To Follow

1.  Use a real picture of yourself in your profile.  – People will feel more comfortable knowing that you are a real person with a real face and that you are NOT hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

2. Write long and meaningful comments that are related to the article you are commenting on.   – No one likes to see someone blatantly promoting something unrelated to the article.  So, don’t do that!  Take a few minutes and write a nice comment that will add to the discussion and show that you are a giver and not (just) a taker.

Give to the communities that you are trying to be a part of.   If you abuse the system, your comments will probably be removed anyway and that would be a huge waste of your time and effort.

If no one can see your links, they are not worth much, are they?

Another benefit to posting long and meaningful comments is that they will stand out more.    If your 10 line comment is situate between a bunch of one or three liners – who’s comment do you think readers’ eyes will be more drawn to you?    – And look there!  There is a handy link right to your website right by your name and picture!

3. Forget about Key Words  – Seriously,  keywords do not belong on these high traffic sites.   Use your name  –  or if you are too scared – use a made up name – just make it ‘real’ name.

If you use keywords for your name,  you are probably only going to hasten the moment when your comment has been flagged too often and the scrutiny of a moderator is going to come into play.   When they see your profile has no picture or something related to your business and not you, plus your spammy comment and link, what do you think they will do?

Bottom Line – Post nice, long, thoughtful comments with your real name and without keywords!

4. Participate in The Conversation – The Disqus system will let you know when someone has replied to your comment.   Commenting again in reply, which you can actually do via email without revisiting the site (another cool feature of Disqus), is a snap.

Should I Use Disqus On My Own Site?

That is totally up to you and it is not required that you implement Disqus on your own site in order to comment throughout the Disqus system.

You can sign up for your own free Disqus account here.

I have seen blogs that are using Disqus for their comment system.  However, commentluv is a well established system that seems to be favored by most bloggers including some of the most successful ones.

On the other hand, many bloggers, including some very successful ones are now using Disqus.

Whether you use Disqus on your own sites or not is completely optional and one hundred percent your own choice.


Benefits of Exposure With Disqus

You have probably already noticed that Disqus is being used in some very interesting and high traffic places as well as thousands of lower traffic sites.

The fact that CNN is using it (at the time of this writing) shows that it works well and that many people are willing to use the Disqus commenting system.

With many sites and users, the chances of someone finding you and your link are that much higher.

– Your comments are saved and linked to your profile.

Therefore, if people liked a comment they saw and they click on your profile link, (which is often tied to your picture or avatar), they will be able to see other comments you made on other websites.

In addition, your profile itself has your link on the (high traffic) Disqus site itself.

Therefore, there are two ways to find the link to your site.

1. They can find it on your comment itself

2. They can find it on your profile link.

If you do happen to use Disqus on your own site, people will see the comments you have made there too (in reply to other commentors.

All of this simply increases the ability of others to find the link to your site(s)

This could result in greater traffic to your blog.

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