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Gorilla Chases Another Away From the Food!

As you watch this video, I’d like for you to ask yourself:   Do I know any humans that behave this way?    Share your answer in the comment section below,  Here is the video:


This video was taken at the Heidelberg zoo. I believe it was in 2012 – just a few months ago.

Gorillas are definitely not humans. But, the behavior shown in this video seems to reflect human behavior on many levels! For example, there are many people today who have the mentality that they should protect what is theirs.

You can go play over there with your own stuff, leave mine alone!

I am not expert on gorilla behavior but it seems that if humans don’t want to be like animals, they really need to examine their own behavior and get rid of the bad stuff.

On the other hand, few people who read that are going to think what I just said was important. Maybe you are different?

This is a hint for us. What separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to modify and change our base behaviors. Perhaps that is the way to the next ‘higher’ level in this universe?

Any thoughts? Comments are open below. Share and enjoy!

Abortion and Catholic Viewpoint Meets Real Life…

IMG 0371What happens when religious dogma and real life clash? If you think there would be the metaphysical equivalent of an explosion – you guessed correctly.

I just listened to an NPR radio program where the situation was described:

A woman presented to A Catholic hospital pregnant. The doctors determined that she and the baby would die if they did not abort the baby. The doctors told the woman that her chances of dying were pretty much about 100%. The woman agreed to the abortion.

The hospital director was a Nun who had to make the decision to go against Church Doctrine in order to save the woman’s life. She made that decision and was promptly excommunicated by the presiding Bishop.

If I understand Catholicism correctly, the Nun’s soul is now in peril and she will not be able to go to heaven.

The Bishop, in an interview said, “You cannot commit evil to do good.”

An interesting point was brought up on the program. Why has not a single pedophile priest been excommunicated? And there have been many pedophile priests – I do not think anyone is going to argue that point. Many known and proven pedophile priests have not even be defrocked after decades of exposure.

Yet, the Nun, who faced the agonizing decision to save a woman’s life, was immediately excommunicated.

The bishop was certainly unapologetic (excuse the pun) and defended his position strongly.

Should this Nun have been excommunicated? Was it right for the Nun to give consent to the abortion – when the doctors agreed that it was necessary to save the mother’s life?

Is the Catholic church correct in it’s viewpoint that not a single baby should ever be aborted for any reason – including putting the mother’s life at risk?

Comment below… (All viewpoints welcome! – Discussion is healthy!)

Roller Derby: Not the Group of Misfits You May Expect

It’s no new news that roller derby is a rough sport. However, previous incarnations of the sport have given it a bad name in many people’s opinions. The sport no longer resembles the showboating, WWE-like sport that it once was decades ago. Instead, the sport has grown into a legitimate, competitive sport for female athletes to partake in. Athletes compete at an amateur level, where the main point of the sport is the comradery and personal advancements, not winning and notoriety.


It may surprise you who the real identities behind some of your favorite derby personalities are. The ladies who make up the Silicon Valley Roller Girls are just like the ladies of any other derby team, an eclectic mix of women from many backgrounds and professions. SVRG is made up of teachers, mothers, fitness trainers, corporate employees and more. They are the girls-next-door by day and hard-hitting derby women by night. However one of the biggest draws to this sport, which has seen a huge rebirth in the past few years, isn’t the draw of derby stardom or the guaranteed hard-hitting action. For many girls, one of the main reasons they join roller derby is for the comradery of team play.


I know that this is especially true for me. After a difficult decision to move back to my hometown in the Bay Area, I was really down about being away from all of my friends that I left behind in New Orleans. I wanted to do something where I’d meet people, especially girls, that I would actually like, and after playing sports almost my entire life, I really missed the fun and comradery of team play. I had toyed with the idea of joining a derby team while living out in the Big Easy, but I never really found the time. My moving blues were swiftly alleviated when I attended my first roller derby practice with SVRG at the end of March. Three months later, I can still say that one of the best things about my decision to join derby is the fact that I am once again apart of a team. I love the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself, and when you join derby, you join your league and you join Women’s All Flat Track Derby, the reigning national regulator of the sport.


In addition to spending time with teammates at practice, most roller derby women are involved in derby extra-curriculars like league meetings, fundraisers, craft nights, community service and more.  Soon, the women of SVRG will be doing community service at Happy Hallow, a park and zoo in San Jose, California. Recently after much planning and hard work, we recently raised $1,400 at a mud wrestling fundraiser. Selling merchandise, raffle tickets, the opportunity to see derby girls mud wrestling and spankings, the proceeds will go towards our first home turf bout during Labor Day weekend.


All of these events are the result of the women of SVRG working hard to keep the dream of derby in the Silicon Valley alive. Working together to put on all these various events brings the team closer. Derby women do have the desire to knock some girls around on the rink, but what makes a great derby team is the closeness that comes from all the work they do together off the rink.