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Orchids: Cute Faces In The Orchids



I know I posted the entire orchid show the other day,  but I thought it would be cool to pull out the parts of the show that highlighted their little ‘faces’.

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Home Ozonator Resources And Coupon

Free .pdf report on a Home Ozonator and What it Can Do for You

home ozonator report for ozonating water and oilsHave you ever wondered if there are any health benefits to using a home ozonator for water and oils?

If you have this free report is yours for the taking, right now -click here.  —  no email address required – free download


Ozone Quick Facts

1.  Ozone is several time more powerful than chlorine at killing germs.
2. Ozone has been used in both water and in oils (mostly for skin application)
3.  Ozone has been used for health purposes for a long time.
4.  Ozone is that great, fresh smell you experience after rainfall.
5.  Fish often come closer to the surface of a body of water after a rainfall, this is because the upper portions of the body of water have been oxygenated by ozone.
6.  I can clean my fruits and vegetables and even my toothbrush with ozone.
7.  Many people drink ozonated water.
However, there are some important safety factors that you should be aware of, that is why you should read this free guide right away.


Home Ozonator Coupon

1.  This Home Ozonator produces 4oo mg / hour of ozone.

2.  Has a 30 minute safety timer

3.  Comes with a very informative 39 page instruction booklet.

The coupon is a-ozn20 and you can read more about it here. 


Home Ozonator Coupon Video:

I made this coupon video quite some time ago  – so don’t laugh when you watch it!   🙂

(but it has had close to 4,000 views already)

Ozone For Water Website

Home Ozonator and Ozone Report



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Working Late Again?

wokring late again?  Does it seem like you can not avoid working late?

I know that feeling.  It is a punishing kind of existence.

We work late and then we have to get up early.

This is damaging on so many levels.  Our bodies don’t get a chance to rebuild properly.  Our minds don’t get a chance to relax properly.

We work all day and then again at night.

Why do we do that? 

Are we just trying to earn a few extra dollars or take our  business to the next level?

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m no expert on relaxing.   I work hard and  then some.  It is really too much.

Often times, I feel that the results are not what they should be.    But the truth is,  not all of us can be super successful.  And hard work or lack thereof is not usually the reason we are not as successful as we want to be.

We have to find our place in life and realize that is pretty much where we are likely to stay.

But no one is content with that frame of mind!  Instead, we are always looking for the next thing we can do to ‘improve’ our lives.

The sad thing is that we always think that improvement comes from earning more money.  That is a mental trap that is very easy to fall into it.

When We Are Trapped

When we are trapped in the mental state of always looking for ways to make money or thinking that we must work harder at what we already do, we deaden a part of our own souls.

Embrace change, embrace shifts in your mental state.   You may open up new horizons in your own awareness.

Perhaps money won’t be so important then.

But the truth is,  this is not so easy to do.   And achieving that state is not the end to your problems anyway!

There will be new things that you worry about.   You see, the human brain is wired to worry about things.

Don’t believe me?  Examine your own thinking for a day or two.   Pay attention to what your mind ‘dwells’ on.

If you don’t have an immediate problem to solve,  your mind will find a future problem (that may not even happen) to worry about!

Is There A Way Out?

When you think about it, there is really something incredibly insane about it all.   We really cannot stop worrying over one thing or another, can we?

Our minds are trapped in a kind of prison when you really think about it.

If we don’t worry about our own lives, we worry about our spouse or friends or children.

Is there no way out?

What I am going to suggest to you is that you read the book Zhuan Falun (available in most languages) and look at the meditation practice of Falun Dafa

Maybe your thinking can open up a little bit.  Maybe you can change in a really positive way.
Change Is Necessary

If you are working late again.   If you are always worried about something, perhaps it is time for a shift in perspective.

When this life is over, everything we physically gained, all of our achievements,  all of our worries are for naught at the point of our death.

So, what are we really doing in this world?     Do you want to get to the end and walk away with nothing?  Or, would you rather start to build something for yourself that will go with you after death?

The answer is obvious,  the only question is,  do you really get it?   Or is this just one more idea that will float right out of your mind while you start to worry about the next thing.

Working late,  worrying,  what does it really get us in the end?

PS.  if you really are on on that treadmill called the ‘rat race’ or you realize just how worried you are about everything under the sun, then  check out Falun Dafa.   It could be the game changer you have been looking for.