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Kurdish Protest Video


I’ll be the first to admit.  I do not know or understand what this protest was about.  If you have some information regarding this, please let me know.

What I do know is that some people from Turkey seemed to be angry that I posted this video on youtube.   I don’t really understand why they would be angry.  So, if you are someone who can shed light on this situation, please do let me know.

I’m all for people standing up against injustice.   If there is more to this than that, please do let me know.


Putting A Stop To Organ Harvesting – White House Petition

Organ Harvesting Is a Heinous Crime Against Humanity

The evidence is clear, it is conclusive and it is overwhelming.   In China, organs are being harvested from healthy, live prisoners and labor camp victims, effectively killing them and reaping a profit from their organs.

It is wrong on so many levels that it is absolutely sickening.

There is currently a petition on the White House site – 25,000 signatures are needed to get attention.

Here is the link to sign the petition.  I have signed it and I recommend that you do to:


A  mountain of work has been done to show that this really is happening.   The proof is concrete and rock solid.  In short, there is no way to deny this is truly happening in China and has been for some years now.

Here is a video that briefly touches on the overwhelming evidence:


This is an extremely serious situation and I hope that you will give it the attention it deserves.

It takes just a few brief moments of your time to sign the petition.  Yet, those few brief moments can help bring enough exposure to this issue to stop this horror for good.

It’s very simple,  sign the petition:


Why Is This Happening?

It  makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, does it?   It is highly irrational.  Why would any government on Earth allow this?    The answers can be found in a document called The Nine Commentaries

But, you don’t need to take the time to read it (unless you want to).   It’s pretty clear that no matter what completely irrational excuse anyone gives, this is completely wrong.

Therefore,  it is clear that this MUST come to an end.

You can help:

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Are The Answers Really Out There?

Do You TRUST That The Answers Are Out There?

ready to challenge your own perceptions? I was thinking about my post yesterday on running into brick walls in life this morning.   I think there is more to say on this topic.

The question is:  Do You Believe The Answers For You Are Out There?

Easy To Say,  Hard To Do

This question sounds very simple on the surface, but it is actually a very complicated question.   Your personally answer to this question is likely to be more complicated than you might want to initially believe as well.

A belief is not something you can just decide on once.  As soon as you say you want to believe something, there will often be doubts that spring up.  They will keep springing up over and over again too.

You can’t just squash them once.  You have to monitor your thoughts and alter your thinking over and over again.

If you don’t run into the problem that I just mentioned, it could be that you are believing in the wrong things.  This last sentence belongs in the ‘difficult to explain’ category.   But some people will immediately understand what I am talking about.   Just think about it more and you may see it.

Changing our thinking is indeed very important.  However, changing it in the right direction is infinitely more important.   If you alter your mind to accept wrong principles and you hurt people as a result, the consequences end up being severe.  Perhaps the even go beyond, fines,  incarceration and loss of liberty?

There Is Enough Anecdotal Evidence

There is plenty of evidence that you mind can affect your life in major ways.   The experiences of many people, both personal and from the perspective of an observer have been well documented.

One notable example that come to mind are the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel.   He was a surgeon who discovered that what his patients thought had a LOT to do regarding whether their cancer would go into remission or not.

He found that more self centered people, when they changed their mindset to a more compassionate loving one, would often find their cancer disappeared. (remission).    That is truly amazing.  He has written several books on the topic and you can read as many of them as you want.

Many similar stories from other sources exist.   There are remarkable stories that document the influence of our state of mind and our thoughts on our bodies and even our lives.

There are also stories that show the opposite effect.   Perhaps you have heard of a story about someone being told they had cancer when they actually did not.   Upon death,  an autopsy shows that there is not cancer.  So, what did the person die of then?   Bad thoughts?

Is Positive Thinking The Answer?

I’m not a big proponent of ‘positive thinking’.   I am certainly against negative thinking though, as it does little good.   The only time that type of  thinking is helpful is when you need critical thinking skills.

However, negative thinking in general, at best, does not help.   On the other hand, it is easy to see that it can do a great deal of harm.    So you might as well nix the negative garbage now.

If you are going to talk about ‘positive thinking’ it needs to be the long term kind.  Not the superficial kind that is easy to lose site of.

As  Voltaire alluded to in his literary work, Candide, You MUST weed the garden of your mind.   Failure to do so can be disastrous.

As I mentioned above, it appears to me, and I hope you agree by now, that simple positive thinking is not the right answer.  You must work on your thoughts and alter your ‘state of mind’.  That can take work and time to really do.   You have to be on your guard against the negative all of the time!

About That Brick Wall

As I talked about before.  You have to trust that the answers are out there.  Otherwise, how can you ever find them?

We are so tiny when you think about the size of our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and finally: the Universe.   Despite all of the evidence right in front of your eyes, are you able to believe that the Universe is a fundamentally good and intelligent?

Do you trust that as you focus on good that you can find your way through the darkness and around your personal brick walls?    I suggest reading Zhuan Falun.   It’s a book that I have read many times.   Perhaps it is just what you need to view the Universe in a different way?


Are You Hitting A Brick Wall?

Is there a brick wall stopping you in life? What Is Holding You Back?

Are you hitting a brick wall in your life?    It could be in your personal life, your professional life or your business life, but chances are there is something that keeps you from moving forward.

But what is that thing?  Doesn’t it seem like you work and work to get through a barrier, but no matter how hard you try, it just seems impossible to accomplish?

I think we have all been there and it is a tough place to be.

What Causes Us To Be Unable To Accomplish  Something?

This is a hard question to answer.   Most of the answers you come up with may not make sense from certain angles.   In fact, as human beings we have difficulties answering the tougher questions on life.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we just plain don’t know that much.  This seems to hold true both personally and for society as a whole.

We Have Limitations

For example,  imagine yourself and where you are sitting right at this very moment.    Are you aware of what is happening in a house 2 blocks over from where you live?    I give this example to illustrate the limit of our abilities to perceive or know much of anything.   It’s very interesting to contemplate, isn’t it?

You can take this example further too.  There are over 7 billion people in the world currently, yet we, as individuals, only know a few of them in comparison.   Even if you are the most friendly and outgoing person in the world, how many friends can you really keep track of?  (even if you do have Facebook).

These limitations are very real.   We have a limited range of awareness that we just can’t seem to go beyond.

Another case in point.  Let’s take the human sense of vision.  We know that our brains and nervous system allocate a tremendous amount of  resources to vision.  Yet, there is a wide spectrum of light that our eyes do not even see.

The same is true for sound waves.  We can only hear within a certain range of frequencies.  Yet, we know that there are tons of sound waves that the human ear doesn’t detect.  Isn’t that interesting?

It’s kind of like we are tuned in to a certain channel.   Our ability to perceive exists on a limited spectrum.   But what happens when you change the channel?   Is there another completely different experience happening there?

I hope I have established that we have rather serious limitations as human beings.

Limitations on Perceptions Naturally Limits Are Ability To Think As Well As Our Options In Life.

Since our sensory input is so limited, the amount of knowledge that we have access is similarly limited.   With less data, a computer can make less calculations and arrive at fewer conclusions.   Similarly, the human brain, due to it’s limited sensory input and ability to process ‘data’, is limited in what options it has.   When you think about it like that, it kind of explains why we have not advanced very far as the human race, doesn’t it?

Our limited access to real, direct information, also causes us to be confused.   With limited information, we simply cannot reach beyond the brick walls that come up with life.   If you had more information, or enough information, you could probably find your way around or over those brick walls.

We are also limited by our resources.  Some people have more money than others, that is a concrete example.   Some people have a better ability to reason and arrive at ‘logical’ answers, although still limited by the severe restriction on information, than others – that is a non-tangible example.  There are many similar examples.  If you spend a little bit of time thinking about it, you will definitely find many similar points.

We are so small.  When you think about this planet we are on and the size and distance of the other planets, the space is enormous.  Yet, your still thinking within the solar system.  What about the distance between this one and the next one?   They say there are something like 3 billion Galaxies in this Universe.   We really are small, aren’t we?

So What Do You Do To Overcome Limitations?

The only think you can do is try looking at things from a different perspective.  You can try out as many different perspectives as you can imagine.   But ultimately, that brick wall may or may not be surmountable.  We are, after all, only human?

There are bigger worlds or realms than we have on this planet.   Yet, we spend most of our time thinking only about our own problems on this world.  We never spend much time thinking about what else is going on out there.

Have you exhausted all the possibilities that cause you to run into a brick wall?

Keep on trying.   While you are at, read the book Zhuan Falun, it may help to open up your mind to a broader realm of thinking than you previously thought possible.   Get a free copy at


PS:  You can comment below if you have anything you would like to add. 


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