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Waffle – How To Say Waffle In English


Waffle – How To Say Waffle In English

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Benefits Of One-On-One English Instruction

Here are some of the benefits of personalized English instruction over all the class room offers out there:

  1. Being the only student in the room, the sole focus is on YOUR improvement
  2. We work on what you need
  3. Lessons are more customized

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Sole Focus Is On Your Improvement

Probably the biggest benefit is that all of the teacher’s focus is on your improvement.   There aren’t 4 other students in the room with each at their own level and with their own needs. You get all of the focus.

If you spend an hour in a classroom with 3 or 4 (or more) other students you’ll spend most of your time listening and not practicing your own skills.    The teachers attention is divided among 3 or 4 other people (at least).

With 1-on-1 instruction, you get to ask all the questions and you get to have all of the practice.   There are only two people in the room, you and me.

My focus will be on your sole improvement for the entire lesson! I can hear what you say and correct it.   This is the fastest way to improve when compared to multi-student class rooms.

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We Work On What You Need

Here is another benefit.  I will always have something for us to work on.   However, maybe you have something specific for your work, school or social life that needs particular attention.

Since you are the only student, the sole focus is on what you need.   You would never be able to have that sole focus in a classroom with 3 or 4 other students. It wouldn’t be fair to dominate the class time that way.   The other students probably wouldn’t put up with it either. In the 1-on-1 instruction scenario, the entire time can be devoted to your specific work, school or other needs.

For example,  maybe you have a presentation at work that you must give in English.   Maybe you have a report or presentation due at school. When you are the only student it is easy for you to get the time to work on what you need.   With other students in the room, that just wouldn’t be  possible.

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Lessons Are More Customized

In addition to you having the ability to get what you urgently need worked on,  I can also customize my lessons towards your needs.

For example,  If I know that you need work in a particular area (such as “Th” sounds),  I can tailor the lesson for those needs.

I’ll be able to see what we need to work on and focus more on those areas.   All of this combines to give you more rapid progress. There is nothing better than learning from a native speaker, except getting one-on-one time with that native speaker!

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Does Rosetta Stone Work?

Learn German

UPDATE September 2012:

First, I want to address many of the comments left on the youtube video.

I was surprised to learn that a number of people have some animosity towards Rosetta  and I do understand why.

There is virtually no instruction for learning German Grammar.   The German grammar is quite complicated.   The articles der, die and das are extremely important to sentence structure.  Many words inside the sentence will be modified according to these articles as well as Akusativ, Nominativ and Dativ clauses.

This complicated array of grammar is difficult to understand / learn via the Rosetta Stone method.

I have found programs that give you full conversations and then break them down in English to be the best and easiest to follow / learn from.

German Pod has this and it also explains the grammar more than Rosetta Stone.   It may not be a complete replacement for formal grammar instruction, but of the methods I have tried, it seems to offer the most promise.

Since you can sign up for a free lifetime membership and there are a lot of good free resources there, it is a great place to start or continue your German language training.

Click Here to read more about it.

After trying several programs, and having real experience in Germany,  I now recommend the GermanPod program

In my youtube video I explained that Rosetta Stone does work but only if…..

Here is the video:

Click Here to Get The Power of Rosetta Stone

Please keep in mind that Rosetta is expensive and perhaps not as effective as some other methods.

I am currently suggesting that a free account at GermanPod is probably a better way to go

Here is an additional video that shows a few pictures from Germany. Motivation to learn German!

Learn German

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction – What Do YOU Say?

IMG 0340There appears to be quite a bit of debate about the phenomenon known as ‘global warming’. Does it exist or does it not exist?

As in many great debates there appears to be multiple opinions about the issue. A few years ago, Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work (film) on global warming. Yet, many scientists have come out to say there is no evidence of global warming. In fact, the prestigious NASA, with its vast array of intellectual capital and high caliber scientists seems to be saying there is no evidence of it.

Then the scandal broke. A flurry of emails were ‘stolen’ and made public. The emails seemed to indicate that someone or some group of people is trying very hard to make a real scientific case for global warming. The emails seemed to show that they were overreaching the normal parameters of real science to come to their ‘conclusion’ and convince others too.

Some people today are too young to remember, including myself, but it has been said that thirty years ago, we were being told that we were headed for an ice age. Now, suddenly we have been alerted that the polar caps are melting, that sea levels will rise and that there will be resultant disaster – unless we spend a lot of money to fix the problem now.

Those watching the debate say that ‘fixing’ the problem means sending an awful lot of money to third world countries. Meanwhile, some of the bigger industrialized countries talk about curbing their emissions, but do not actually appear to be willing to do so. Seems that those countries are not fully convinced that global warming exists or is a problem. If they were convinced, would they not get busy solving the problem?

There appears to be doubt. For the proponents of the global warming phenomenon, it does appear that providing some very definitive proof would benefit them in getting these ‘hold out’ nations to take action.

I am not taking sides within this article. However, I know that there are many people who are very passionate about their position on global warming. You tell me. Is global warming a real phenomenon or not? Why do you think that it is or is not?

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And enjoy a cup of Italian Hot Chocolate while you are at it… Love this stuff!

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Dangers of Teeth Whitening..

The amount your teeth discolor sometimes depends on the kinds of food you eat or the medicines you take. It doesn’t always depend on how many times in a day you brush. Dentists teach proper brushing techniques because they say that improper brushing strokes could do more harm than good especially when done briskly with a hard-bristled brush.

Horizontal Brushing, according to the hygienists, cause scraping of enamel that leads to exposure of the dentin which causes sensitivity and appearance of a darker yellow shade. It looks very undesirable especially today when people may judge you on the appearance of your teeth.

When your teeth are yellow, it looks like something is wrong – they may look decayed and not very attractive to many. Yet, it is not quite right to equate yellow teeth with unhealthy teeth – although the correlation may be there. Appearances can be deceiving.

Bleached teeth could be unhealthy teeth but they look spotless. How many people who bleach often are facing gum recession? This is a question to ask the next time you consider bleaching your teeth.

There are many products on the market intended for whitening. But how do you know if the use of such a product will guarantee the health of your teeth and gums?

Bleaching can reach right into the tooth pulp and in the worst cases can actually kill the tooth. Therefore, the tooth will eventually turn brown and require a crown. Is that the result you are looking for?

Please exercise caution when considering the possibility of whitening your teeth. Patients often want to use budget friendly yet safe and effective products. Brushing alone may not be the answer and teeth whitening products can strip enamel thus leading to hypersensitivity, according to research. Some people have observed that prolonged use of toothpaste with whiteners make there teeth sensitive to cold beverages and to a blow of air directly on their teeth.

Upon looking at pictures of people after a whitening session, the enamel looks really chalky white and rough. One caption says that the teeth are extremely sensitive at this time.

The teeth may look several shades lighter but does that really look attractive? A little tooth discoloration may be fine as long as your teeth are not decaying and your gums are healthy. If the teeth are healthy, then maybe the right answer is to leave them as they are. The bleached look just does not appear natural.

If bleaching or whitening harms the health of the teeth or gums, is it really worth it? Be careful when bleaching teeth.

Read more about teeth whitening before considering any teeth whitening treatment.

Author: Scott Wells

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. If you have or think you have a dental health problem or any other health problem, including a supposed need to whiten teeth, visit your dentist or doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.


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