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3 Piece Crib Bedding – What To Look For?

Some of you who read a couple of my posts could already figure out that I do most of my shopping online. Amazon is an excellent option, especially for the people like me. Here is the thing: I don’t like having a huge variety of choices without knowing what other people think about them. Crib bedding is the perfect example. I got a task from my wife to find this item at a reasonable price. I’m guessing a lot of you know as much about crib bedding sets as I did a couple of days ago – practically nothing. 2 days of exploring and reading reviews after, and you can say that I am the most informed dad in the world on this subject. So here is what I learned.

The color matters

Usually, girls get pink, boys get blue bedding and white is sort of a universal choice. But, here is the thing: you want to go with patterns. First, if you spill something or stain it the first day, it’s not as noticeable. Second, the colors and patterns attract your baby’s attention and stimulate the brain. Many parents reported that patterned crib bedding made their kids calmer during the day.

The feel

Where you might think that material matters the most, it is actually the feel that you should be focusing on. Most of the manufacturers use cotton to make crib bedding, but there are major differences between the softness and the quality. And another misconception is that softer is always better. That is not necessarily true in all cases. A lot of kids, especially infants, like their bedding to have a bit rougher feel to it. When they touch it, it gives off a sharper, definitive feedback that stimulates their sensory center. It sounds like a science mumbo-jumbo, but if you actually watch your kid “scratch” the bedding, you can see this effect in action.


Crib beddings usually come in 3 pieces: quilt, crib sheet, and skirt. But some of them don’t actually offer other optional accessories that you can incorporate into the kid’s room to make it look like a set. These accessories include stuff like window valance, crib bumpers, side skirts, etc… This is more for the parent’s sake than for the kids, but I came to a conclusion that the sets with more accessories options do better sales wise.

Using this knowledge, I found a crib bedding set that had positive reviews in all of these categories.


Based on what I read, this is one of the better crib bedding sets on Amazon. A 4.6-star rating and very positive reviews gave me the confidence to present it to my wife. She was thrilled with my choice and satisfied with the time and effort I’ve put into this task. Needless to say, I got a special lovin’ that day.

-Marko Lipozencic

Dieting vs. Exercise: What matters more and how to balance it

Weight-loss has become a burning topic in today’s society. It is a well-known fact that a balance between regular exercise and healthy dieting is essential for any kind of long-term weight-loss plan. But, if you were forced into choosing just one method, would it be better to pump iron or would it be better to create a detailed dieting regiment.
One thing to keep in mind concerning exercising is that it can be very time-consuming. 20 minutes crunches session is guaranteed to burn more calories than a 10-minute jog, but can you afford to invest the extra time? The fact is if you want to burn a large number of calories, you are forced to spend a significant amount of time doing it. You also have to factor in the time you spend traveling to the gym, as well as getting cleaned up afterward.

The actual numbers

  • If you were to drink a can of soda, which contains as much as 150 calories, you would have to walk for at least 45 minutes to burn those off.
  • Now consider this: 1 pound of excess fat requires you to spend roughly 3,500 calories in order to burn it off.
  • In order to lose 1 inch of the waistline, you need a weight loss of approx. 8.5 pounds. Are you starting to get the picture?

Losing weight by picking exercise as a sole method is very time consuming, and not to mention less effective than by dieting. Time wise, you need to consider the choice: either not drink the can of soda at all, which you have to agree is much easier, or spend extra time on a treadmill to compensate. In essence, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Sounds simple enough but in reality, it means that you have to choose between a bar of chocolate and two hours of lifting weights in the gym, or not eating it all.

Various studies have shown that if we cut out processed sugar and saturated fats from our diet, we would be able to see the results of dieting a lot faster. If we were to put this into percentages, we could say it’s about 70-30 in favor of dieting.

What to do

A recent study has shown that obesity in children is not a result of a lack of exercise, but it comes down to poor diet choices. Another study which was conducted on 4000 adults has shown that minimizing the intake of calories has a greater effect on weight loss than simply exercising. But most of us have difficulties sticking to a dieting plan. Here is a thing you can do in order to find the middle.


If you have difficulties in regulating your calorie intake, try using natural supplements like this one:

And before we get into any confusion, this is not a miracle supplement, you will not lose weight miraculously from just taking it, you will not get slimmer by sitting in front of the TV and taking it, etc. Those drugs simply do not exist. Here is what this stuff is good for.
Since we are talking about picking the exercise method to lose weight, taking supplements like these will help your body function better.

It will start looking for energy stored in your fats faster than it did before. It will also help your blood cope better with the bad stuff released in the process of fat burning. Antioxidants will contribute to the general well-being and help you get rid of toxins in your body easier.

There are many other benefits of taking a supplement like this one, especially for those looking to take better care of themselves.

Taking all of this into account it is obvious that a healthy combination of dieting and regular workouts would be ideal long term. Exercising has a positive effect on the general quality of life and should be a staple for everyone who wishes to make an overall improvement in health. But, you are still much more likely to lose weight by being careful about what you eat than about how much you work out on a day by day basis. If you cannot commit to full-time dieting, consider taking small steps and start giving up foods that are really bad for you and use natural supplements to help your body cope.

-Marko Lipozencic

PS:  This post is for information purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any form of disease, including but not limited to obesity.   Be sure to consult with your physician before changing your diet or taking up any form of exercise.

Heart Shaped Cake Pen – Men’s Perspective

Well, that didn’t last long.

We all make New Year’s decisions knowing that they probably won’t last for long. It usually takes about a month for me to abandon this practice and go back to my routine. Normally, I would make silly little decisions not looking to change anything big: one less beer a day, fasting every Friday, cutting out donuts, stuff like that. But this year I actually wanted to make a meaningful commitment and to see how long could I stick to it.

So, when the clock wound up to ten seconds left in a year, I decided that 2017 will be the year where I won’t pick a fight with my wife over the “lost cause”. To be clear, this is the term I use when I know for a fact that winning a certain argument (or losing it for that matter) will only end up badly for me! Something like having an argument with your wife whether she got fatter or the jeans shrunk. You just cannot possibly be on a winning side for that one. Hence, the lost cause.

Without getting into details, I started, escalated and then in trying to mend the situation caused even a bigger fight with my wife, 2 days into the year. I couldn’t even last for 48 hours without making a shitstorm. So the subject, who did what, why, and when, and all the details were massively stacked up against me, but I kept swinging. The result is: I booked a spa treatment for my wife on Friday. Then on Saturday, she will pick out a suitable gift which I will pay for from my beer fund and I have to make her dinner and waffles. Now you can imagine the shitstorm magnitude I created LESS THAN 48 HOURS

I made the decision of not doing that again!

There is a silver lining in all of this. What my wife still doesn’t know is that our waffle iron is broken, and you can safely guess it was me who broke it. I ordered this one and will throw the old one away.

You can see it here.

I’m hoping that heart shaped waffles will win me some extra points and spare me of doing the dishes afterwards. The last time I cooked for my wife, let’s just say it took me longer to clean up than you would expect.

There is a lesson to be learned here, but I seriously doubt that I’ll be the one learning it. And I do realize that not many men will read a blog post regarding a waffle iron or a cake pan. But for those of you who do read this, you can probably relate to my situation. My mistakes don’t necessarily have to be your mistakes as well, so where I failed, you will succeed. And believe me, there is no “marriage school”, so pay attention and avoid New Year’s decisions. You are just gonna end up disappointed.

Marko Lipozencic

Call of Duty: Ghosts – A Gift From Me To Myself

January is the slowest month for me, business-wise. The diminished workload leaves me with more time to spend with my family, but for the sake of this story, more time to catch-up on the things I do alone. I used to be a very active gamer, and as much as I don’t mind sacrificing that time on account of spending time with my wife and kids, I really do miss it sometimes. I am slowly getting ready for a month of gaming in January.
One of the games I was really excited about was Call of Duty: Ghosts. This game was first released back in 2013, but I never got the chance to play it. The reviews were excellent and this game is still played by many people which is really a testament to its quality. It was one of the first FPS games that really got the mechanics down just right. The PS4 platform is not really suitable for this type of gaming but, Activision really did a good job on this one.

I found a new copy of the game on Amazon for a really good price. In fact, it is still discounted and not a lot of copies are available (if you are interested, be quick about it).

My copy arrives tomorrow and to be completely honest, I am as excited as I used to get when I was a kid. New games have that effect on me, and this for me qualifies as such. Ghosts should keep me occupied through January, with all the single player, multiplayer, and other content. But, considering that the last time I seriously commit to gaming was almost a yer ago, you shouldn’t be surprised if I get through it in 10-15 days. And you also might not see me post as much. Until the next time.

Marko Lipozencic

My holiday plan – double dipped nachos while watching sports.

Yeah I know, holidays are about the family and spending time with the people you love. But, you see, the person I love the most is me (kinda). If there are two days that I really enjoy every year, those would be the 4th of July and the first day of Christmas. The 4th of July is quite an obvious choice, but the first day of Christmas is special for me because of a somewhat odd tradition. We have a nice family meal around 1 pm, and then around 4 pm, my wife takes the kids and visits her parents where they sleep over. For some reason, I cannot even remember what it was, I didn’t go the first year they did it. And now I don’t go at all.

My entire family knows that I stay home alone on this day, and enjoy myself. More importantly, they respect my alone time and no one bothers me. This is great and if I was a girl, I would get a massage, put one of those face masks and simply relax. But, I’m not a girl and my idea of relaxation time involves stuffing my face with spicy dip covered nachos and yelling at the TV when my team fumbles something.

I’m all set up for this year. I bought a new TV back in July, there is an excellent NBA game on the schedule, and I even bought myself these:

They come in a set of 4 which is perfect ’cause I got 4 kinds of dips (1 sweet, 1 sour, and 2 spicy ones). The remaining two I fill with nachos (so that I don’t have to refill often). And the great thing about it is that after the game, I can wash them, gift wrap them and give them to my wife as a New Year’s present. 2 flies with one stone. Even the kids could use them for cereal.
I pride myself on being able to figure stuff like these out, and with the difficult year coming to a close, I really look forward to this Christmas. And while we are at it, Merry Christmas to you all and if you take anything from my story, take this: Always make time to relax and enjoy yourself in life, otherwise, what’s the point? Happy Holidays.

-Marko Lipozencic