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History Is Powerful

History is powerful.   More precisely, knowledge of history is powerful.   Why is that?  Because human beings tend to make the same blunders and mistakes as those human beings who lived a thousand years ago.

Correct, modern humans do not make perfect copies of those mistakes.  Students of history will tell you that: “History Repeats Itself”.  The mistakes often seem to be similar in nature, however.

Human beings are flawed.  The human heart is flawed.   It is afflicted with anger, greed, jealousy and a host of other negatives.

The writers of The Constitution of The United States, may have very well understood this.

This book:  The Federalist Papers seems to explore this topic:

In addition, it might be very important for you to know and understand the thoughts and intentions of the founders of the government of the United States.

Perhaps they understood how flawed human beings can be.  Is it possible that they attempted to form a system of government that would take into account those flaws and try to protect against them?

It’s fascinating to think about these concepts.

It is my understanding that human beings are suffering a tremendous moral decline right now.   A return to virtue may be necessary for us to survive.   I understand that many people will argue about that point. Even more may argue about what “Virtue” really is or what it really means.

Feel free to do so in the comment section below.

 One book that I believe explains virtue quite clearly is Zhuan Falun, by Li Hongzhi.  You can get a free digital copy at

Even If You Live in the Best and Most Comfortable Cell Block, You Are Still In Prison

Even If You Live in the Best and Most Comfortable Cell Block, You Are Still In Prison

I just had this thought and I know what it means to me.  But I’m MORE interested in what you think it might mean or indicate.

Please share your opinion about that this statement means to you from your perspective in the comment section below.

While all thoughts and opinions (within reason) are welcome, I’m especially interested in hearing from those who have really thought it through thoroughly.


Zip Code Prefix 971

Zip Code 971XX is the prefix for zipcodes in the Portland Oregon area.



Reacting With Anger and Negative Emotions Doesn’t Work Very Well…

Dear friends,

Due to a situation that came up this weekend, I was forced to make a realization. What I discovered or perhaps rediscovered is that anger and negative emotions are the enemy of all people. Nothing is solved well through negative emotions. It may feel particularly difficult to respond with kindness when someone has wronged you or caused you harm, but it is the only response that can create positive outcomes. Responding with anger just doesn’t work well and sometimes not at all. It will be a challenge and require constant vigilance to respond to others with kindness, even when wronged by them. But I am convinced that my growth is limited by allowing such negative things to dominate my reactions to others. I hope that I will do better in the future.

Bratz Styling Head – Cloe – Creative Fun For Girls.

cloeDo you have a little girl who would love the imaginary experience of being a stylist?   You can give her dreams some reality and substance with this Cloe styling head.

Her creative energies will flow with makeup and the ability to change hair color.   For the right girl, this styling head could provide hours of creative entertainment.    She’ll be able to share with her friends when they visit too.

Cloe is suitable for ages 5 to 12.  She has earrings, glitter, hair color gel and more.

You can read more about Cloe here.


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