Can You Improve Your Dental Health?

Sometimes you are told that your gum health isn’t so good.   This may take the form of:  

  1. You need to floss more
  2. Your gums are receeding
  3. Your pockets are too deep
  4. You need a scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) treatment
  5. You have gingivitis
  6. You have gum disease

Some of this, like number 4 above, is accompanied by a push for an expensive treatment.  This is a scary proposition because it can hurt a lot – even if they numb you up – you won’t stay numb forever and it usually costs a lot too.  

These scaling and root planing treatments or ‘deep cleanings’ can be pretty expensive.  I would estimate a national average to be about $1500 for all for quadrants.  They often one to do one or two quads at a time.   This can prolong your agony

The question becomes, can you do anything about it?   One thing I’ve discovered in life is that there is often information available that even professionals don’t have.  Or perhaps if they do have it, they dismiss it or worse : pretend it doesn’t exist.  

“Knowledge is power”   As is often said.   What if you could get knowledge combined with one of the top tools I  know of for promoting dental health?   Here it is, click here to see it.  

Results?  Your results or lack thereof can be confirmed by your dental professional.  Hint:  Ask about your periodontal pocket depths.  When the depths are healthy, most professionals will say your gums are healthy.

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