Do Doctors Understand Back Pain?

I was discouraged to come to the realization that many doctors seem to know very little about back pain.

They don’t seem to understand the biomechanics of back pain or perhaps they just don’t want to look at it.

Instead it is drugs or surgery.  Maybe they’ll recommend physical therapy. Cold laser therapy?  Ultrasound?  Are any of these reaching the root cause of the problem?  Why is the word “cure” so curiously missing from the dialog?  It seems to always be ‘treatment’ or ‘therapy’, doesn’t it?

But even if you go to a physical therapist or visit someone with a different approach like a chiropractor, are any of these people able to help you with your back pain?  Unfortunately, this is a big question mark.  I hope you can find someone who can and will.

I was surprised to find out that the doctors that I visited seem to have very little knowledge AND / OR inclination to dive in and figure out what my unique problem was.   I am still a bit shocked.

I was told a variety of things.  I was offered to see a specialist about the possibility of getting an epidural.

This is something I did not want.  I do not want drugs to mask the problem.  I thought that the underlying biomechanics need to be addressed or I could hurt myself more by ‘feeling no pain’ from prescription meds.

What I finally realized is that very few, if any, doctors exist who would be willing to figure out my problem and help me find a REAL solution that would be lasting and permanent.

Everyone had their favorite therapies, but none of them was about getting to the root cause of the problem.

If you need to look at your issue from a biomechanical perspective, I suggest Dr. McGill’s book  Back Mechanic.

It has worked for me.   In my estimation, Dr. McGill might just be the foremost authority on how the spine works and how you can get relief from your back issues without the need for surgery or superficial therapies.   He might be your best “shot” at it, after all.    Back Mechanic is his book.  


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