Open Letter To Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

Dear Jimmy,

I hope I’m not being too familiar with ‘Dear Jimmy’.   We don’t know each other, but I’ve listened to your music from the time I was an adolescent on.  So, it feels a little strange to call you Mr. Page.

If Robert Plant reads this, I hope he doesn’t mind my referring to him as Robert either.

Anyway, I know you want to tour again.  I know you really want to do it in a bad way.   And I think you should.


I also understand that Robert doesn’t want to join in.  I believe I understand why.  Robert wants to make new music.  I’m sure you know this.  He hates the idea of playing old songs over and over again like a Juke Box.  You probabaly know this already.

So, I was kind of wondering.  Can’t you do what Journey did and find a singer that sounds a lot like Robert.   I’m sure Zeppelin fans will appreciate it.    Sure, there will be a few purists, but not so many.  Hey, it worked out pretty well for Journey AND the new singer.

I don’t know if there is some kind of contract thing involved.  But if Robert doesn’t want to join you, it seems like he should be willing to give his blessing on the new singer since he doesn’t want to do it himself.

So why not?

Robert loves making new songs.  That’s his forte.  It benefitted Zeppelin way back then.   You want to tour again.   Maybe this way will work for you?

Of course, you may have thought of all this before.  It’s probably not a new idea to you.

I think you have a lot of fans that would still come to see you, even with a different singer.


Don’t worry Robert, no one can replace you.  But isn’t this a good compromise, since you don’t want to join them?


Thanks for reading this.

Oh, by the way, you both should consider reading the book Zhuan Falun.  It’s really an awesome book that deserves to be read more than once.





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