Disposable Diapers, A Greater Thing Than Sliced Bread?

The Awesomeness Of Disposable Diapers

I was pondering the disposable diaper today.   And I realized what a great invention it truly is.

Before disposable diapers, I suppose there were clothe diapers.  That would be a lot of work.

Now think about that… cloth diapers.   They need to be washed, right?


So, Why Better Than Sliced Bread?

I know that this is not the most pleasant topic to talk about.  But, think about it, when you drop a piece of sliced bread on the ground, what do you do with it?

You either chuck it across the yard to feed the birds or you just drop it in the trash can.   Problem solved.

However, with cloth diapers, you don’t really have this option, do you?  I mean, they have to be washed.  That takes both time and energy.

So, therefore, I think disposable diapers may be a much greater invention than sliced bread.  Easier to deal with.  No cleaning dirty baby diapers.

But, I could be wrong?  What do you think?  Sound of in the comments below.   Am I way off base here?  Are you a fan of disposable baby diapers?


History of Disposable Diapers

I’m not that interested in the history of disposable diapers,  but if you are, there is plenty of information on Wikipedia under “diapers”.  It goes through a bit of history about early attempts that basically failed to the first commercial success in the late 40s, early ’50s.

Anyway, it’s not something I’m interesting in rehashing here,  check it on Wikipedia if you would like to.


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