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Free .pdf report on a Home Ozonator and What it Can Do for You

home ozonator report for ozonating water and oilsHave you ever wondered if there are any health benefits to using a home ozonator for water and oils?

If you have this free report is yours for the taking, right now -click here.  —  no email address required – free download


Ozone Quick Facts

1.  Ozone is several time more powerful than chlorine at killing germs.
2. Ozone has been used in both water and in oils (mostly for skin application)
3.  Ozone has been used for health purposes for a long time.
4.  Ozone is that great, fresh smell you experience after rainfall.
5.  Fish often come closer to the surface of a body of water after a rainfall, this is because the upper portions of the body of water have been oxygenated by ozone.
6.  I can clean my fruits and vegetables and even my toothbrush with ozone.
7.  Many people drink ozonated water.
However, there are some important safety factors that you should be aware of, that is why you should read this free guide right away.


Home Ozonator Coupon

1.  This Home Ozonator produces 4oo mg / hour of ozone.

2.  Has a 30 minute safety timer

3.  Comes with a very informative 39 page instruction booklet.

The coupon is a-ozn20 and you can read more about it here. 


Home Ozonator Coupon Video:

I made this coupon video quite some time ago  – so don’t laugh when you watch it!   🙂

(but it has had close to 4,000 views already)

Ozone For Water Website

Home Ozonator and Ozone Report



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  1. Deen Jain Says:

    Ozone is several time more powerful than chlorine at killing germs.Thanks for giving good informayions

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