How To Get 102,000 Twitter Followers – and Keep Them

getting a twitter followingThe short answer to the question of how to get 102,000 twitter followers is that it takes time and hard work, if you want to do it within the parameters officially set by twitter!  And you should want to follow the rules. 

Points To Ponder About Twitter And Possibly Building A Following (Flock)

1. Should You Simply Leverage Someone Else’s Large Following?

2. Twitter Isn’t Really About Getting A Lot of Followers  – Although There Are Advantages To Doing So.

3. Why It is Not A Good Idea To Use Automated Software?

4 What Are Ways That Others Have Developed A Large Following?

5.  What Does Follow / Unfollow Mean?

6.   Should / Will Your Twitter Strategy Change Over Time?  –  You Will Want It Too.

7.  Even If You Can Get A Lot Of Followers,  Can You Keep Them?

8.  Can / When Should You Use Twitter For Marketing?

9.  Is It Worth All Of The Work? 


Leverage Someone Else’s Twitter Following

1. It took me about 3 years (maybe more – I’m not sure) to get that many followers.   You can see my account @davesnape.   Might as well follow me while you are there.  Hint….!

Why spend heaps of your time following and unfollowing those who do not follow back?  That is a lot of hard and boring work!

Instead, you can leverage the power of my twitter following.  How? – You might ask.

Just make a quality comment on this blog and then let me know @davesnape on twitter and I will post the link to your comment.

The qualification is that the comment needs to be a quality one.   In addition, I can also post a link to your comment on  All Things Pondered’s Facebook Fan page.

In fact, you can repost your own comment links as well!


Dave, How Does That Work?

You’ll see a number next to each comment, like this one:


retweet ths comment on twitter    This is a comment gravatar for fearless_men on twitter.    Do you see the grey #5 to the left of his image?

The number ‘5’ is linked directly to his comment.   Like this:

So it is easy to retweet or direct people to  your comment on All Things Pondered.

Just let @davesnape know that you made a comment anywhere on this site and, if it is a quality comment, it will be retweeted on Twitter and posted to – This blog’s fan page.

This is how you can leverage the power of an existing 102 thousand twitter following instead of painstakingly building your own – which requires time and effort!

Questions?   Just ask.

2.  Why not contact Twitter about their sponsored advertising?    You could potentially work with them to reach a LOT more people.

3. Another possibility for utilizing someone else’s following is to pay for a Tweet.   I don’t currently accept payments myself  but there are many services out there that offer this type of advertising.  Check Twitter’s terms of service to see if this is acceptable to them first though.


Twitter IS NOT  Really About Getting a Lot of Followers

I will explain more on getting a large following soon.  But I want to make a point or two first.

Twitter is a great place to be social and to socialize.

It is a place to ask questions and get answers.

One of the greatest values of having a larger following is that you can ask a question and get an answer.  Not only is this just plain fun, but you can obtain valuable tips and information from others this way!   This is one of the coolest reasons to be on twitter in my opinion.

When you have enough followers there is often someone who can answer your question about nearly whatever you want to ask about!   This makes twitter cooler than TV!


Answering The Question About Building A Large Following On Twitter

One important point is that  you probably do NOT want to do is use automated software to follow or unfollow others.  That is against Twitter’s terms of service.

If you follow this link: scroll down to the section on automated following and unfollowing.

Here is what you will find:





This is the link to The Follow Rules and Best Practices you see in the graphic:

You are twitter’s guest and if you are going to be on their platform, you will have to carefully consider what the rules are.

Clearly, it is against the rules to automatically follow and unfollow other twitter users.

The one thing you are allowed to automate is following back.  This software can handle that for you.

However, be forwarned!  That software also contains other capabilities that may be against twitter’s terms of service – so it might be in your best interest to avoid the use of those other functions and stick to using only the return follower function.

Key Point:  To work within twitter’s rules you will have to follow / unfollow other users manually.  


Other Possibilities for Developing A Large Twitter Following

1.  Being a Celebrity can lead to large numbers of people following you without the need to follow them back.   –  That is not an option for most of the people reading this post.

On a side note:  Being a Celebrity is practically a license to print money as all kinds of big companies and organizations will seek your endorsement because they know that many people ‘follow’ you.

[The term ‘follow’ in that last sentence doesn’t necessarily mean Twitter.  Obviously, these people are literally followed in the press and even in real life.  Celebrity worship is a sick mentality that I really don’t understand or agree with. But this is the reality so we must acknowledge it as so.]

2.     Another example of a much larger twitter following than mine is Guy Kawasaki (not a movie star or full blown celebrity yet)

I do not know the truth first hand.  But it has been said that Guy mentioned in a speech that he paid others ‘to be him’ on twitter.   This could mean that he was able to work ‘around the clock’ on developing his following.    You may not have that option, or you may.  Perhaps outsourcing ? (link towards bottom of that page leads to where you can do that).

It used to be that Guy had a relatively close number of followers / non followers.   This could indicate he was actively persuing followers at that time.

That may have changed later.   Perhaps the heaps of links to his AllTop site had something to do with it or perhaps he just became better known and is sort of a celebrity at this point.

In either case he has close to a million followers by now.  Yet, he is only following under 300K himself.

Key Point:  Unless you are well enough known, you are probably going to need to follow / unfollow others to build your following.


What Do I Mean By Follow / Unfollow ?

I honestly think twitter probably frowns on following / unfollowing – even manually.   But the point is that if you want a lot of followers and you do not have celebrity status then you have no other legit option that I know of.

The reason I call this technique  ‘follow / unfollow’ is that twitter has an allowed follower to following  ratio build into their platform.

What this means is that you can only follow a certain amount of people which is restricted by the number following you.

When you follow people, hoping that they will follow you back, there is a good chance that many people will NOT follow you back.

But that is the etiquette for twitter users.   It is considered ‘polite’ and even ‘desirable’ to follow back when someone follows you.

However, you must remember that not everyone on twitter is there to get a lot of followers.

Some do not want anyone following them except a few friends.    Twitter has a built in ‘protected tweet’ function for this.    However, you will still get the occasional “why did you follow me” message from anti-social people.    You should not respond and simply unfollow such people.  They can get truly ugly if you engage them in a conversation after they send that anti-social message to you (or one like it).

I have seen the same behavior on facebook as well.   It is best to just steer clear of those people.   After all, you want happy, willing followers who will engage in discussion and chit-chat.

Therefore, when your ratio of followers to following is out of whack, you will need to unfollow those who are not following you back!   This is in order to follow more people.

Again, although there are no specific rules preventing this on a manual basis, I think twitter still frowns a little upon it.  But manually following / unfollowing appears to be at least acceptable while automating following and unfollowing  is clearly unacceptable to Twitter (see graphic above).


In The Beginning

When you first start to build your twitter following twitter imposes an initial limit of 2000 people that you can follow without having a similar number of followers to follow you back.

This means that you will reach a cap on the people you can follow.  You will then be forced to unfollow some so that you can follow more.

After that there is a ratio and that ratio seems to change and vary depending on the account and perhaps other factors that we just don’t know.   When you exceed the ratio and follow an unknown percentage more than who are following you, then you will be blocked from following – until the ratio is within parameters again.

This is what drives the need to ‘unfollow’ others.
It Is Important To Understand Their Is A Fine Line

If  you engage in following / unfollowing behavior you should understand clearly that your account could be suspended.   You can read the rules here:

Twitter makes it clear that ‘agressive’ following / unfollowing behavior can get your account suspended.

What ‘agressive’ means is totally up to Twitter to decide and you have no say in it.   So you should be aware that if your goal is to build a large following, you might risk account suspension.

So proceed at your own risk!   I have clearly stated this to let you know that I am not responsible if you get yourself into trouble.   Even my account is subject to Twitter’s rules and I too could be suspended if they so choose.   There is nothing that you or I can do to change that.

There are risks in life and using  following / unfollowing techniques manually or otherwise can get you into trouble.   You need to understand this before you waste a lot of your precious time and energy to build a twitter following.


Some Things That Might Help

While automated unfollowing is definitely not permitted,  manage flitter offers a free service to ‘bulk unfollow’  non followers.   It is not clear to me whether twitter does or would frown on this service, so again, use it at your own risk.

Tweet Adder has an automated ‘follow back’ function (which Twitter’s rules SEEM to indicate is ok with them).   Using many of the other functions in this software would likely be in violation of Twitter’s rules.  Fortunately, you do not have to use the ones that you are not comfortable with.   You can pick and choose which functions you want to use.  Twitter Friend Adder is not free – they currently charge about $50 per account for lifetime use of their software.

Their argument about follow / unfollow functions is that they avoid being flagged for ‘aggressive’ following / unfollowing.  However, twitters rules seem to indicate that automated following / unfollowing of any kind is a big no-no.

To be safe, you should probably stick to the ‘follow back’ function only.

They also have an interesting RSS feed tweeting function which Twitter seems to be ok with provided that you are only using RSS feeds of your OWN content and not anyone else’s.


Engage Your Followers And Keep Them In Your Flock

Talk to your users –   Conversation is important.  Twitter is about being social.   Some cool tips for conversations are to ask about the weather or some other simple questions that don’t require a lot of thought.     The more thought that is required, the less responses you will get.    Try this experiment:  Simply ask your followers:   Peanut Butter or Nuttella?   – I asked that and received a surprising number of replies.

Here are some other questions you could ask:  Star Trek or Star Wars?    Movie Star A or Movie Star B?   Singer A or Singer B?   These are simple questions that people are willing to answer without feeling like they are putting themselves on the line.    Use your responses to generate more conversation.

For Example: Is someone answers Peanut Butter to the question above, you can follow up with:  Chunky or smooth?

Ask A Question You Really Want An Answer To –   If you have a large enough following there is a good chance that someone will have the answer to your questions.   This, to me, is one of the coolest aspects of being on twitter.

Key Point: Engage your follower base on a regular basis so that they never forget your are a real person.   It also gives them the chance to decide if they like you or not.  If not, they can unfollow you.    If they do, you probably don’t need them as a follower anyway.     They will also see that you are not ‘just’ there to market something to them.


Getting Better Customer Service From Companies With A Twitter Presence

Another benefit to using Twitter is customer service – if someone has a customer service presence on Twitter, you can ask them questions and they will feel more obligated to answer because ‘the world is watching’.     This may work well if you are not getting the help you want via their ‘regular’ customer service channels.


Affiliate Marketing On Twitter

Based on experience, affiliate marketing or even direct sales does not seem to work well on Twitter.   This can vary from situation to situation somewhat so you should test your own unique situation(s) before concluding that it absolutely won’t work.

However, it does seem to be a better option to link to quality content (that could include your affiliate items) and to be clear what the subject topic is in your tweet.   That way, those who are not interesting in that topic won’t waste their time by clicking the link.  This is just good manners!

You can always link to this blog or to Toothy Grins Store (be sure to sign up for the affiliate program there).


Secret:  I Do Not Always Follow Back Anymore

I definitely think that in the beginning, you want to follow back everyone who follows you while you are trying to build your initial Twitter following.

However, things have shifted a bit for me now.   People who don’t care if I follow back are now following me and there are quite a few of them.

Now, I have shifted my strategy to only following back those who request me to do so.   You can simply follow  @davesnape  and send a simple tweet that you want me to follow back and I will.

But, I no longer do it without a specific request.   I like the idea of having a following that is interested in what I do and is not following just to get a follow back.

But if you want me to follow you, just send a simple tweet.   You could even mention this post if you are so inclined.


Parting Thoughts

Twitter is about being social.  Twitter is about following people you are interested in as well as communicating to people who are interesting in you or what you have created or what you are doing!   Be interesting.   Vague?  Yes it is, because everyone has a different idea about what ‘interesting’ is.

There is definitely a lot that I did not say about Twitter on this post that I could have.  At this point,  it would be easier if you would simply ask any questions you might have in the comment section.

Or, if you have your own thoughts and ideas to share about Twitter, leave a comment.   And don’t forget to tweet me your comment  link so I can Tweet it out to 102,000 followers!   (provided you left a quality comment)  🙂

Thank you for reading this post and thanks in advance for sharing it on Twitter and other social media.   Oh, and remember to follow @davesnape while it is fresh on your mind.  See what I’m up to…



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63 Responses to “How To Get 102,000 Twitter Followers – and Keep Them”

  1. Syeda Mehwish Says:

    I agreed with your point of view that twitter is not just to increase your following, it is platform to be social and to socialize. When I was new to twitter then I start increase my following by following back to geniune followers and I found it very helpful in increasing my social circle. Well, your offer for Tweet it out to 102,000 followers is a great offer for commentors 🙂

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Syeda,

    Yes, and I did tweet the link out to your comment! I would have liked to put your @twitter handle on my tweet but I didn’t know what your twitter handle was? If you let me know, I’ll tweet again for you.

  3. Nolan Says:

    My policy with affiliate marketing is to only recommend products that I have used or have had someone close to me who I trust use and recommend. This is again something that will add weight to your recommendation and increase conversion – but it’ll also help your reputation and stop you from promoting products that are rubbish. Recommend a product that doesn’t work and your own reputation and any trust you’ve built up with those who follow your advice will suffer. Don’t sacrifice your own brand for the sake of a few quick dollars.

  4. Dave Says:

    Hi Nolan, nice advice on that. I notice that you promote a variety of different sites. I guess these sites are for a various clients? I don’t mind, as long as the comments are good and the sites are family friendly and not spammy. — I was just curious if that is your business model?

    Although, I have read other bloggers who suggest that the RSS promotion in comments isn’t cool? any thoughts on that?

  5. Nolan Says:

    I don’t think that it’s so bad since RSS feeds are picked up by various aggregators on the web and delivered to feed subscribers, who actually subscribed to receive that kind of information in your feed. This is an ingenious way of using RSS promotion for increased website traffic because these are a targeted people who will be interested in whatever your feed has to offer. Also with RSS promotion, when you update your feeds, instead of waiting for the search engine spiders to come (in 4-6 week’s time), it is actually the search engines that will look for you and index your website immediately.


  6. Dave Says:

    Ok, interesting perspective. I understand what you mean. But some webmasters are saying that if you allow that kind of link on your site, google will penalize you for it.

    I’ll let it stand since I don’t know what the truth is. However, I do still have a question mark about it in my mind.

    I understand from your point of view that it is good for you. The question is whether or not it is harmful to my site in the eyes of the SEs.(mainly google).

    Any think that any site that is already indexed will be crawled much faster than 6 weeks. It would only matter for new sites to be indexed. And I guess that is what is in the feed?

  7. Nolan Says:

    The difference is between quality links & spamming. Your site won’t be penalized even the link builder’s till the link is natural. But when you go for automated links or aggressive link building strategy you may hit by Panda & the option is only open for link builder’s site. Google doesn’t restrict link building, it just wants to see it as natural as possible.

  8. Dave Says:

    Well, based on my experience it does appear that google will penalize a site for links coming to it. I have seen it happen. and it is not pretty.

  9. blograzzi Says:

    I have a twitter account, i am updating everyday, but my followers do not increase. Thank you for your information. I will try the software.

  10. Dave Says:

    I never said that updating every day would help you grow a twitter following. That can only serve to possibly help you keep what you have. It is the manual following / unfollowing process that can help.

    The drawback: It takes time and energy. Using automated software is quite risky.

  11. sherry gray Says:

    I’m always interested in these “how to get [x] followers” posts, and you offer some good advice. I’ve got about 4500, and would like to grow my reach – but only within my interest groups, liberals, democrats, and the gay community. Not because I’m gay, but because I advocate human rights. Do you have a strategy for targeting followers?

    And for the record, many twitter celebrities, like Agent_M, and AlohaArleen, were featured members back in the day before celebrities and corporations took those spots. Before sponsored tweets and hastags, before porn spam…back when twitter actually belonged to is.

  12. Dave Says:

    Hi Sherry, yes good points.

    As for targeting a specific market. I suggest that you find the bloggers in your target arena, both key players and otherwise, and develop healthy relationships with them. Comment on their blogs and follow their twitter accounts. Send them a tweet whenever you comment to let the know. Then you can attract the kind of followers you are looking for.

    Another strategy is to go to and search the keywords for your target audience, then you can follow those people in the hope that they will follow you back.

  13. sherry gray Says:

    good advice! I do that a lot, and I also join related # chats. But one of the most important things I do, I think, is chat with anybody – not just popular people. Some of my most interesting chats are with people who have few followers. Oh, and I respond to every @ message.

  14. Dave Says:

    Yes Sherry, I agree. You should talk to everyone and not just the top people. That is absolutely correct. Answering your @s is engaging your flock. They generally do appreciate it. In addition, it lets them know you are a real person that they can interact with. I really think that is very important.

  15. Beau Behan Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I have always believed that hardwork, dedication, and commitment undoubtedly serve as pillars of a successful endeavor.
    I echo your advice and sentiment that it is through one’s personable touch with countless hours spent to build an extensive network of social (media) friends. Just like that adage says: a friend in need is a friend indeed
    Be real and cultivate the seeds of friendship with commitment, dedication and hardwork.

    Thanks again for this platform that you have created.

    Best regards,
    Beau Behan Twitter on @BeauBehan

  16. Dave Says:

    Hi Beau, I agree with you.

    Hard work and dedication are certainly helpful. Shortcuts often tend to get us in trouble or cause us more work in the end don’t they?

    Thanks for your quality comment. I will RT and paste on the FB page for All Things Pondered as well.

  17. Sharon Says:

    Hey Dave

    This is a great article on Twitter. Twitter seems to sometimes be a mystery when it comes to the “ins” and “outs” of what works and what does not. I am personally not a huge advocate of using anything that is automated in social media. Unfortunately, if part of the process is not automated it can be very time consuming. Do you have advice on streamlining the process?

    Thanks again
    Sharon Cobb

  18. Dave Says:

    Hi Sharon, I would say that you are already on the right path. You have a lot more more followers than you are following and that is actually a good sign.

    I would say that you must have some positive exposure to be in that situation. It could be that you are known for something.

    Seems to me that you should be the one creating a post on twitter and sharing the ‘inside’ info with the rest of us! Thanks for commenting. I hope you will visit again in the future!

  19. Sharon Says:

    🙂 Thanks Dave… social media is very time consuming. I’m always looking for tips on how to be more effective and it not take my entire day to be in the every so needed area of social media.

    Thanks again

  20. Dave Says:

    I know it is Sharon. I know. There are only two real options I guess. One is to endure the pain, agony and boredom of it. The other is to hire someone to do it for you. That is the problem and the dilemma.

    I personally do not want another person to do social media in my name. Perhaps under my companies name, but not mine. I am not hiring anyone at this point. But it is not something I want to do by myself forever either.

    On the other hand. If you can do it all yourself in addition to all the other hats you must wear, and it is worth it, then why not?

  21. Ehsan Says:

    Hi David, I agree Twitter isn’t only to increase the number of Followers. If we have just 1000 real Twitter followers than it is much better than 10000 Twitter followers which we have gained in exchanging and other automatic Softwares we used to get them.
    This article is superb. Thank you David.

  22. Dave Says:

    Hi Ehsan, I think you are correct. In fact, I would even say that any medium that you use that involves 1,000 responsive individuals is far more valuable than 10,000 unresponsive people.

    However, when you own a gas station on the highway. People are going to stop to buy gas from you that you may never see again. That is also something to think about.

  23. Ehsan Says:

    Agree with you David, but don’t want to see those customers again which don’t want me to see them. I want those customers who want to be my customer and those followers who want to be my follower.

  24. Dave Says:

    Hi Ehsan, You can not go wrong with quality customers.

    I think that if someone didn’t like my tweets they could simply unfollow me. But it seems that they like / don’t mind my tweets. So I think it is ok. If not, people would let me know one way or another.

    Thanks for your comments Ehsan, always glad to see you visit here.

  25. Savvy Scot Says:


    What a great article – thanks for the whirlwind education.

    Twitter is something that I still haven’t embraced as much as I should, but your article explains a lot! It blows my mind that you have over 100K followers!! I have only a few hundred followers, but most have joined after clicking through my site.

    Savvy Scot

  26. Dave Says:

    Hi Savvy Scot – I really like the stuff you write about too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you can get a few followers like that every day, it can add up over time. Keep building your flock!

  27. sham Says:

    I want to know more about this. How the tweets can help me pls tell me.

  28. Adrienne Says:

    Dang Dave, what a post! I mean you did answer all those questions and threw in some really cool tips.

    My practices have been that in the beginning I did use the follow software, I admit but after I got a pretty large following I soon realized, just like on Facebook, those people didn’t give a hoot about me. They were in it for the numbers so a short time later I started unfollowing. I’ve never been penalized or lost my account so obviously I did it all within the guidelines.

    Now I do use Manage Flitter but since I now currently have a little over 6,000 followers, I don’t have a huge amount to unfollow. I think I have a little over 1,500 that I actually am following so people have to tell me to follow them back. I’m more than happy to do that but I quit building up my Twitter account some time last year.

    I believe it’s more quality over quantity because if you have that large of a following but aren’t receiving any interaction on your blog or product sales from those efforts then you just have a large following. I’m not saying you so please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. We both know that you’re already aware of this.

    Sorry for rattling on, I tend to do that in my comments. Thanks for sharing such awesome info about Twitter. You really covered it all here. Great job!


  29. Dave Says:

    Thanks Adrienne. I think the post is over 2,000 words 🙂

    You are correct quality matters. But there is something to be said for quantity as well. I am thinking in terms of foot traffic going past a gift shop. There will be shoppers that come in and buy on a whim.

    I do agree that quality is very important, however. You cannot go wrong with a quality focus.

    It is a good sign if you are following far less than are following you. That means that people are sticking with you because they want to. There is a great deal of value in that.

    * anyone reading this – I suggest you check out Adrienne’s How To Get Traffic To Your Blog post.

    Thanks for checking in Adrienne, I really appreciate that!

  30. Lisa Stoops Says:

    Wow Dave lots of info for my lol! I am just getting into using Twitter more. A couple of years ago I just didn’t ‘get’ it and just followed a bunch of people and got a bunch of followers. But there was no interaction and I just let it go. Now I’m of the mindset of quality is better than quantity BUT I do see your point that there is a place for quantity. I’m still not really sure how to go about getting the numbers and keeping the quality…unless I just do what comes naturally. Follow interesting people, engage my following, and be consistent! Oh and do it all in 10 mins per day (is that possible)? 🙂

  31. Dave Says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment! I think you have the right idea. It takes time to build it up and that is the right way to approach it.

    I am not quite sure that 10 minutes a day will get you where you want to go though. You’ll have to keep me posted on that one!

  32. Gerry Says:

    Hi Dave. Thanks again for the link and for sharing this complete information. I still have to spend more time and consider this as far as Twitter Marketing is concerned. Didn’t know that it can also be another source of income as long as you can monetize it the right way. But, really it’s not a joke so it should take a lot of responsibility also for you to manage that huge number (102,000) of followers.

  33. Dave Says:

    Hi Gerry, I is probably more of a traffic driver (which you can then monetize). But I guess you have the right idea. Marketing can and is hard work. but don’t forget to spend time just being friendly with your followers. That’s the behavior that gets the quality people to stick around.

  34. Zara Aguimbag Says:

    Hello to you Dave! Thanks a lot for sharing this highly informative link to us. But still, I need to spend more time in considering marketing process with Twitter. I did not know that there are other possibilities to get another source of income. Thanks again and have a good day!

  35. archie Says:

    Hello Dave! Hahahahah! Really? That is a pretty cool source of income! Thank you for portioning out this helpful information.I have to think and regard your concern to my Twitter Marketing Strategies. I did not notice that I need to manage my twitter followers for me to earn good money. Thanks once again Dave and Good luck to our businesses.

  36. Dave Says:

    Hi Archie, Thanks for the input. I think it is best to send people to quality content that may also happen to sell something. I have found some customers via twitter for (because they told me how they found me). I can’t prove it for sure, but I believe that many affiliate sales have come through twitter as well.

  37. Corky Swanson Says:

    Dave, this is a great post about Twitter do’s and don’t’s. I follow back everyone who looks moderately sane (or completely insane). Congrats on your huge Twitter following. I have started talking to people on Twitter now that there is a conversation button. Still, it’s hard to get across a though in a few characters. Kind of like a men’s restroom conversation.

  38. david Says:

    Hi Corky, I think there is a fine art to getting a message out in 140 characters. But I know you are up to the challenge. I think one of the greatest values of twitter is interacting with people rapidly. Almost like a face to face conversation.

    With Facebook, you have to wait for someone to message you back unless it is a friend on chat.

    That makes Twitter highly interactive. It does seem that the more followers you accumulate the more people want to follow – perhaps to see what is going on.

    Facebook just doesn’t work the same way.

  39. Hank Baxter Says:

    Dave, just a heads up, your first hyperlink to “quality comments” got me to a 404. Yes, I was curious about what is considered a quality comment. Your second link took me to your fine article on the topic.

  40. Dave Says:

    Hi Hank, Thank you very much. I will check on that. It’s always great to get help on the site since it is such a daunting task for the limited resources we have here. Will visit your blog soon as well. Thanks again.

  41. Gautam Says:

    hi Dave, i liked your point but i think twitter followers are very important to attract any people if they see higher than many people attract with that. and real followers is also important.

  42. david Says:

    Hi Guatam, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

  43. Chris Says:

    Hi David, really good tips. May I ask you one question – how many Twitter users did you follow/unfollow daily/weekly on your first months on Twitter?
    BR, Chris

  44. Dave Says:

    Hi Chris, that was a while back and I was a bit sporatic in the beginning.

    As I recall there was a problem (and I think there still is) about hitting the 2,000 follower limits.

    In the beginning you can follow 2,000 people without worrying about any following / follower ratio. After that, twitter will block you from following more people until you get a number of followers close to the 2K mark.

    After that, the block will be lifted and you can follow more people.

    This is the reason why you MIGHT need to unfollow the uncooperative people – those who don’t or won’t follow back.

    You have to make room for those who will / do.

    I checked your account and it looks like you are nowhere near your initial 2000 ‘following’ (not follower) limit. So you should be good to follow away for now.

  45. Chris Says:

    Dave, thanks for your answer,
    BR, Chris

  46. Dave Says:

    You bet Chris, I hope it was beneficial. if not, feel free to ask a follow up question.

  47. Andrew Says:

    Very interesting post, i have not been a twitter user for very long and with all this information i hope it can help me, which i am sure it will. Thank you for sharing this information with us i have learnt a lot.

  48. Dave Says:

    Hi Andrew, I do wish you luck on your journey. You can also ask further questions here or here.

  49. Shalu Sharma Says:

    I have about 600 followers and it has taken me for ever. I don’t really pay attention to Twitter but from now on, I am going to spend some time tweeting and following and trying to get some followers.

  50. Dave Says:

    Hi Shalu, if you want more followers, you can get them. But, it does take some work. That is the tradeoff. You trade your time and effort for them. Thanks for your comments – as always.

  51. Steven Johnson (FolkLive) Says:

    Dave, Thanks. Lots of great advice. Of course to get and keep lots of followers you must have something compelling to say, and you must say it! I don’t follow people who don’t tweet. What would be the point? Thanks for the advice. I’m going to favorite the tweet that lead me to your blog and try some of these strategies.

  52. Dave Says:

    Hi Steven, I think you do need to be active on twitter.

    As for compelling, others will have to judge that.

    Perhaps ‘interesting’ is a better word. Popularity is elusive and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

  53. faissal alhaithami Says:

    you seems to be like me, I don’t really like to follow back automatically and I actually prefer not to follow everyone back. I just follow back people who I think can benefit me 😀

    Thanks a lot for the post.

  54. Dave Says:

    Well, I think it is actually super important to follow back in the beginning. But it is also cool to have people who follow without a follow back. However, you will also lose people who are interested in the follow back.

    Anyway, it is all good. Each person will follow their own path. That much I’m pretty sure is true!

  55. Michelle Moody Says:

    Hey Dave!

    This is a great, informative post. Lots of detail and truth spoken here! I love the fact that you’re not automated, you truly love interacting w your audience!

    ~ Michelle 🙂

  56. Dave Says:

    Thanks Michelle and I certainly enjoy interacting with you on twitter as well!

  57. Lori Says:

    Hello Dave, what are your thoughts about sending tweets automatically from a blog post vs hand posting them.if you auto post them, would you repost them with the hash tags included?
    Also an observation-I have a college age child and I see her and friends moving away from Facebook onto Twitter.

  58. Dave Says:

    Hi Lori,

    My thoughts about automated posting: If it has to do with plugins (software) that automatically tweet blog posts for you – I think those are not worth using. The messages tend to be senseless or at least ‘unnatural’ and I think people can spot that and automatically filter it out (in their minds) as junk.

    In other words, I think those messages tend to be ignored.

    As far as manually scheduling tweets, I find that I have to do that. Because I don’t want to tweet out 30 messages in a row, the need to be scheduled. As much as I like Twitter, it just isn’t practically to be on it all day long. Scheduling works well for this. I hand write my scheduled tweets.

    Studies show that people are most active on Twitter from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Mon- Fri so I schedule the tweets about 30 minutes apart during those times.

    On days when I have too many things going on, this often does not get done which equates to wasted opportunity.

    I am not surprised by your observation of your daughter and her freind’s behavior. Twitter is faster and easier to communicate with and you don’t have to switch between your time line and your messages. It’s just easier to use.

    I think twitter has a strong future and it has already become the central piece in my social media use.

    I noticed you have a post about discounts and coupons. If you want to, you can post those here:
    [affiliate links are also welcome} :

    You can post links to your coupon and discount links there as well, if you would like to.

  59. Ron Says:

    Totally over the top information!!!!Been trying to find solid info and you provide it.Will be giving this multi shout outs from @Bipolarization..Thanx alot Dave!!!!

  60. Dave Says:

    Thanks Ron. nice of you to say so. I am glad you liked it.

  61. Astro Gremlin Says:

    Dave, Twitter takes some getting used to but I’m using it more and more. Whenever I leave a comment on a site, I Tweet it if I can.

  62. TopGameGal Says:

    Dave, I’ve started to really appreciate Twitter and have developed some great relationships through it. I hope to do the same with you! I use a Twitter analytics tool to help me know when most of my followers are tweeting to give us a better chance at communicating. Very interesting and helpful. Since I focus on games and team building activities, Twitter is one of the places I use to build my own team. @TopGameGal

  63. Belinda Says:

    thanks Dave, will try your tips, hopefully I’ll get more tweets!

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