Getting More Traffic To Your Site Through The Disqus Commenting System

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Commenting With Disqus For Traffic

Everyone knows that bloggers love to comment, primarily through the CommentLuv system- which as become quite popular amongst the various blogging communities.

But did you know that you can also use Disqus to comment on high traffic sites, which includes blogs, news, and a number of other types of sites?

Currently, it’s true.

All you need is a free Disqus profile where you can proudly insert a single link and even a description to any site you would like to. As far as I know, they also allow affiliate links! How cool is that?

[Please see the notes below about spamming before proceeding). Do not ruin it for everyone else. Or we will find you and… (LOL. just kidding / joking).]

I have compiled a small list of high traffic sites that use the Disqus commenting system:

A List Of High Traffic Sites Using The Disqus Commenting System  – This one has a good Alexa ranking but they may not always approve a comment.  You should make nice, polite posts there if you want them to be approved.  It is not a free-for-all commenting site, like some of those in the rest of the list.  – update – edition.cnn no longer displays your link with your post.   Do not waste time commenting on any site that won’t display your link.  Always check a site to make sure your link displays.


(if you know of others, please add to this list via the comment section below

Do NOT Comment Spam

Before you go off with that list and spew inappropriate comments all over the place, I want you to think long term for a moment.   These sites can throw away this great comment system and start using something else tomorrow.

That something else may not be as cool as Disqus – meaning that they let you put a link on their site.   If that were to happen and you lost the ability to leave a link it would be a bummer for the entire community.

In addition, you would lose any link value that was residual after the system was removed.   I hope that is powerful enough incentive for you to think twice about what you are about to do.

Do not wreck it for everyone else, just because you can’t wait to get some spammy links out there.

Here Are Some Suggested Guidelines To Follow

1.  Use a real picture of yourself in your profile.  – People will feel more comfortable knowing that you are a real person with a real face and that you are NOT hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

2. Write long and meaningful comments that are related to the article you are commenting on.   – No one likes to see someone blatantly promoting something unrelated to the article.  So, don’t do that!  Take a few minutes and write a nice comment that will add to the discussion and show that you are a giver and not (just) a taker.

Give to the communities that you are trying to be a part of.   If you abuse the system, your comments will probably be removed anyway and that would be a huge waste of your time and effort.

If no one can see your links, they are not worth much, are they?

Another benefit to posting long and meaningful comments is that they will stand out more.    If your 10 line comment is situate between a bunch of one or three liners – who’s comment do you think readers’ eyes will be more drawn to you?    – And look there!  There is a handy link right to your website right by your name and picture!

3. Forget about Key Words  – Seriously,  keywords do not belong on these high traffic sites.   Use your name  –  or if you are too scared – use a made up name – just make it ‘real’ name.

If you use keywords for your name,  you are probably only going to hasten the moment when your comment has been flagged too often and the scrutiny of a moderator is going to come into play.   When they see your profile has no picture or something related to your business and not you, plus your spammy comment and link, what do you think they will do?

Bottom Line – Post nice, long, thoughtful comments with your real name and without keywords!

4. Participate in The Conversation – The Disqus system will let you know when someone has replied to your comment.   Commenting again in reply, which you can actually do via email without revisiting the site (another cool feature of Disqus), is a snap.

Should I Use Disqus On My Own Site?

That is totally up to you and it is not required that you implement Disqus on your own site in order to comment throughout the Disqus system.

You can sign up for your own free Disqus account here.

I have seen blogs that are using Disqus for their comment system.  However, commentluv is a well established system that seems to be favored by most bloggers including some of the most successful ones.

On the other hand, many bloggers, including some very successful ones are now using Disqus.

Whether you use Disqus on your own sites or not is completely optional and one hundred percent your own choice.


Benefits of Exposure With Disqus

You have probably already noticed that Disqus is being used in some very interesting and high traffic places as well as thousands of lower traffic sites.

The fact that CNN is using it (at the time of this writing) shows that it works well and that many people are willing to use the Disqus commenting system.

With many sites and users, the chances of someone finding you and your link are that much higher.

– Your comments are saved and linked to your profile.

Therefore, if people liked a comment they saw and they click on your profile link, (which is often tied to your picture or avatar), they will be able to see other comments you made on other websites.

In addition, your profile itself has your link on the (high traffic) Disqus site itself.

Therefore, there are two ways to find the link to your site.

1. They can find it on your comment itself

2. They can find it on your profile link.

If you do happen to use Disqus on your own site, people will see the comments you have made there too (in reply to other commentors.

All of this simply increases the ability of others to find the link to your site(s)

This could result in greater traffic to your blog.

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Imagine the possibilities…   Comments are now open below.

45 Responses to “Getting More Traffic To Your Site Through The Disqus Commenting System”

  1. Michael Belk Says:

    Great post David, I have both an account with both systems. I have been waiting on you to put up a new post 😉 I think it is important to let people know they do not have to get rid of CL. They can have both. I have intensedebate as well.

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Michael,

    That’s a great point. It seems like it is very good idea to use or have as many comment systems as you can.

    The more opportunities you have have or make for discussion can only increase the potential traffic. Nice one.

    Yes, I need to post a little more frequently.

    We’ll see. I’m taking an intensive language course now too, so I feel pretty pressed on time. Thanks for noticing. I’ll see what I can do about that.

  3. Suresh Khanal Says:

    I have an account in IntenseDebate and had used this system on my blog when blogging in blogspot. After I migrated to WordPress, I’m using native commenting system.

    However, I never knew that we can use affiliate link too! This is something different!

  4. Dave Says:

    Hi Suresh, I have noticed that more people are using IntenseDebate. You have just reminded me that I should sign up to use that system too. 🙂

    Changing that Disqus profile makes it easy to use an affiliate link. I have not done it myself. But I do use it to point directly to a product that I sell a the Toothy Grins Store as well as this site.

  5. kimberly Says:

    i have heard of disqus commenting system, but have not used it before. i like the commentluv plugin and i use it on my site. i will try to use the disqus system too. you have given a good review about this disqus commenting system.

  6. Dave Says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for the Kudos! Much appreciated. The sites listed may be helpful to you. If you have time, please let me know how it goes for you or if you have any questions just come right back here and ask!

  7. Michael Belk Says:

    These are some websites David. I looked at them and I think it is great that they are high ranked sites.

  8. Dave Says:

    Hi Michael. I think these sites can yield some results. they are all seeing decent traffic.

    commenting on them seemed to improve a site that I was promoting. But the problem is, of course, that you must keep it up.

  9. Amandeep Singh Says:

    Hi Dave,

    It is great to know about some of the big names using the Disqus commenting system – I have always stayed away from it only to not add one more comment to my blog. Is there any particular reason you are not using here as well?

  10. Dave Says:

    Hi Amandeep. I don’t use it here, because the commentluv system is so much better for bloggers in my opinion. I have the premium version and it works pretty good.

    I tried Disqus for this blog and others that I have and I found it to not be as good. I also had trouble removing it when I didn’t want it anymore.

    So I will stick with Comment Luv which was made for wp blogs in the first place.

    One good thing about Disqus – if I remember correctly – is that they have a way to use it on static pages. I have to look into that when I get some free time!

    Thanks for stopping by Amandeep – glad to have you here.

  11. RaviC Says:

    We have installed on our website & so far, its performing good.The list above would push more bloggers to take up the disqus commenting system, i believe.

    I think the choice of commenting systems should depend on the type of visitors that a site receives.Since our site is job oriented & not all our visitors are tech-savvy, we preferred to go with disqus which we feel is best suited for first time commentors as it has one-click signon to their yahoo, facebook, google accounts.This also prevents spammers to stay at bay as most spammers dont want to link their social profiles when commenting.

    CommentLuv wud be best suited for tech blogs as their visitors would know how to leave comments in there.

  12. Dave Says:

    Yes, however, one can comment on disqus by simply setting up a disqus profile. There is not requirement to link your google or facebook profile to disqus to use it.

    It does have a nice built in “flag comments” portion to it. I think it does help to protect against spam.

    One aspect I like is that the comments are forwarded via email when a reply is made. The person can simply reply via email and have their reply posted to the site – without needing to go back to the actual site.

    This can keep discussions going.

  13. Trip Says:

    I never actually thought of that as a way to obtain more traffic. Do you think it drives the right kind of traffic though?

  14. Dave Says:

    The right kind? I think it drives real people and to me, that is the right kind of traffic. If you are looking for specific niche oriented traffic, then it ‘might’ not be right. But I think there are other benefits – exposure being one of the biggest and best.

  15. Corky Swanson Says:

    Dave, I’m looking forward to being thoroughly Disqus-ted. Couldn’t resist. 🙂 I’m a big fan of CL because it gives the commenter so much control over the links they can promote.

  16. Dave Says:

    Hi Corky, that is very true. You won’t have that same level of control with Disqus. But, the idea, in my opinion, is to divert some people from higher traffic sites. Some will stick and return but many will not. It all depends on if you have something that interests them or not.

  17. kayus Says:

    I never know until now that disqus works so well than commentluv. In have come across it on hufftingpost and CNN and i never know that it has such viral power.

    thanks for this information bro.

  18. Dave Says:

    Yes, perhaps this information can help you. I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog. come back and visit again!

  19. Leonard Evenson Says:

    I was researching the best commenting platforms to use on a blog, so I came across this article, and I found it very helpful. There are so many commenting systems to choose from and the decision is not easy; i see your commenters are on different opinions as well. Disqus seems like a great choice, and I know from my experience of commenting on other blogs that it is also great in weeding out spam comments. I didn’t know it was so useful for getting traffic as well! Thanks for doing such a great job in explaining how to use it, and also giving us such great tips with all your posts!

  20. Dave Says:

    Hi Leonard, Yes it is a pretty good one. You can see that I personally still use CL here.

    But the power of the Disqus profile and the ability to leave a link is pretty cool. Just keep an eye out some sites (Like CNN) are now not allowing the link. Aside from your profile, there is much less benefit now.

  21. Danny Says:

    Nice article, David….

    I have not looked at the Disqus comment system from a traffic generation angle…

    I have heard mixed views regarding Disqus….most of the negativity surrounds the difficulty encountered by those wishing to leave comments…

    On the other hand, there are also many unhappy Intense Debate users, who have lost their comments and / or are experiencing many function issues…

    I just switched back from the native WordPress comment system, to Intense debate…though, I was not overly keen to be doing this…

    Mainly as the majority of ID comments are NOT appearing within the actual posts..and you end up with all your previous comments from the native WordPress comment system, no longer appearing….

    Very good advice about avoiding spamming….

    Once you are flagged as a spammer, it can have a lot of negative impacts on your site….

    You can be flagged as spam by accident…and it is important to contact the site admin and ask if they could remove your site from their spam folder….

  22. Dave Says:

    Hi Danny, Great points. Yes, I myself experienced some problems with disqus when I switched back to native – or rather CL.

    I have not tried installing intense debate. I’m pretty happy with Andy’s CL luv software.

    Speaking of spam – obvious your comment is NOT – but it did end up in my spam comment section for some reason.

    I’m not sure you can prevent that, but I thought I should let you know. Either Askimet or CL is flagging it.

    It is a beautiful complement though. You are welcome here anytime. Thanks Danny!

  23. Harleena Singh Says:

    Great write up David!

    I guess you wrote everything down one needed to know about Discus. 🙂

    When my blogs were earlier on Bloggers, I had installed Discus. However, when I switched to WordPress, I switched over to CommentLuv, which whether we believe it or not, does get more commenters ( I guess that’s why you haven’t switched over yet :))

    I agree that you should leave quality comments and not just spam people’s post, and spend time reading the post before commenting. When you write lengthy comments from your heart without really thinking about keywords, your comments are surely going to be liked I guess. And yes, the comments on Discus and Livefyre too are saved and linked to your profile.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  24. Dave Says:

    Thanks Harleena, great to have you here. Thanks for your thoughts. You know I have used Livefyre at all. – I should get a profile with that system too.

    Thanks for sharing that with me.

    Yes, that is true CL is better for receiving comments. Disqus is good for the high traffic sites. I have different profiles for different sites so it works well.

    Disqus has some good points. I stopped going to CNN to comment because they no longer post the links just the profile pic.

    But the other sites still post the link and as long as they do, I don’t mind commenting on them.

    Thanks again for dropping by Harleena, always glad to see you!

  25. John Says:

    Dave, thanks for the article on disqus and commentluv. As a new blogger I’ve been trying to figure out how to increase traffic to my site. I’m using wordpress so it sounds like commentluv is the better option for me. Looks like you went back to it, and removed disqus. Is that correct? Thanks!

  26. Dave Says:

    Hi John, you can use Disqus without having it installed on your blog. I tried it for my blog and didn’t like it. but you can still use it to comment on other sites including the high traffic sites listed here. Thanks for your comment and your question.

  27. Ehsan Says:

    I’m using CommentLuv on my blog and never tried Disqus, but now will try it.
    Thanks for the post David,

  28. Dave Says:

    Update April 2015 – I stopped using CommentLuv on this blog some time ago…

    Hi Ehsan, I actually do NOT use Disqus on this blog. I actually think CommentLuv is a little better so I use it instead.

    What I do is go to the high traffic sites listed in the post with my Disqus profile and use that to comment on this sites and others like it.

    I just wanted to clarify before you went and changed anything on your blog. I think commentluv is better.

  29. Shalu Sharma Says:

    I have seen some changes with disqus commenting system on many sites. Clicking on the name does nothing and clicking on the picture expands the profile. CNN have also changed it a bit where names are not clickable any more. No doubt it’s a good system, works well. There are so many premium sites using it. Can’t miss it. Its so easy to use as well.

  30. Dave Says:

    Yes, that is true Shalu CNN is no longer clickable and I have stopped using them. But the other sites listed should all still product a clickable link for you.

    Thanks for commenting on this.

  31. Raaj Trambadia Says:

    Nice ideas. But the original WordPress commenting form is better than Disqus. Though Blogger users can benefit more from Disqus. Cheers

  32. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Great explanation of the benefits of using other commenting systems. I know a lot of blogs that have “gone over to the other side” so to speak using these types of commenting systems.

    I know that as far as having all your comments incorporated into one place is very attractive for a lot of people but here is the major downfall I’ve encountered with those. A LOT of bloggers refuse to sign up with an account just to leave a comment. As for me, the reader is much more important then how many actual comments I get on a post.

    I’m here to build relationships with my readers because I know down the road that will really benefit me. There are a lot of my blogging friends who refuse to comment on any blog that have Disque or Livefrye as their commenting platform. Personally, I would rather they visit my blog so I’m not going to take that chance. Heck, it’s not worth it to me. Kind of looks like it isn’t to you either! 😉

    Thanks Dave, great explanation for those who are eager to incorporate something like this into their blog. Hope you’re enjoying your day.


    P.S. By the way, your Twitter ID isn’t connected to your Tweet button so just in case I thought I’d let you know. If that’s not set up, you have no idea who has shared your post… Yikes!

  33. Dave Says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Good points! I did mention that I do not use it on my blog. The idea is to take advantage of those high traffic sites (not even blogs) that use the Disqus system.

    I tried on my blog and I did not like it. That is why I do NOT recommend disqus for bloggers.

  34. Abhijit Says:

    Hi David,

    I hadn’t heard of Disqus before. I use Comment Luv plugin on my blog and it also helps drive organic traffic to my site. This plugin looks interesting, But I need to learn more about Disqus before implement it on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice day.


  35. Dave Says:

    Hi Abhijit, I actually do NOT suggest you use Disqus on your own blog. Comment Luv is better in my opinion.

    However, having a Disqus profile is a great idea to comment on those higher traffic sites that exist.

  36. Jessica Taylor Says:

    Blogging and commenting system is now popular as part of the SEO initiatives or to direct high quality links to the site. Disqus commenting system is an amazing program which is very use-friendly and includes unique themes and combination of other functional features. These themes can be easily modified based on whether the visitor of your blog makes use of the desktop and other mobile devices. An appealing post.

  37. Anup Kayastha Says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the small list of discuss implemented sites. I’ll try to get my comment approved in these sites.

    Thanks for sharing great strategy!

  38. matt c. Says:

    I like disqus so much. I have been using it for more than a year now. And I agree that it increases the traffic to your site since many disqus users just hang around and see as many sites as they can to socialize, help, and learn through commenting. Nonetheless, I would like to ask all commenters here if you have already encountered any major problem with using disqus? This will help me anticipate things with my account in case something goes wrong. So far, I dont experience any bad thing with it. But it’s quite important to anticipate always.

  39. Michael Flash Says:

    This might be an okay tactic to get a few visitors to your site, but by no means are you grabbing hundreds of visitors per day. Just another way to get your URL out there, the more places the better I always say.

  40. Amit Swarup Kumar Rai Says:

    Same, I love Disqus. Of course I don’t use WordPress either, so I don’t
    have as nice of a free native commenting alternative. Still, I always
    found Disqus ridiculously easy and provided people with a lot of choices
    of how they want to comment.

  41. Kyle McDonald Says:

    This is very cool! I had no idea that a comment system could increase your website traffic. I bet it’s really helpful for all websites that use Disqus.

  42. Eduncle for education Says:

    I am a strong supporter of disqus commenting. In 2012 I had some random commenting system on my website and then I started using

  43. Mario Goodman Says:

    REALLY helpful.. I’ve been commenting on a couple of blogs I like and I keep getting spam alerts..I mean immediately.. I know the owner had not had a chance to moderate yet and I never spam.. I truly like the content and wish to interact so this has been VERY useful to me.. I think I’m going to instal disqus on my blog as well.. but for the record this is exactly what I needed.. cheers!

  44. Ed Says:

    I installed the comments few weeks ago. Still, I did not receive any much traffic. Or should I install something else on order to start receiving visits ?

  45. esferasoft Says:

    I avoid using Disqus for many reasons, the most frustrating thing is its slow loading speed and difficulty with optimization.

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