Update On My AAPL Stock Trade

I’m writing this moments before the market opens on Tuesday April 24th 2012.

Disclosure:  I have a vested interest in this stock.  Investing is risky and you should not invest your money based on anything you read here.  Consult a competent professional before investing any money in any type of investment.

Ok, so you can read what I had to say about AAPL yesterday – which I bought a few days ago on Friday.

My intention is to sell some time today, on Tuesday.

I am doing this for the Earnings play.

Yesterday the stock market as a whole dropped on worries about the Euro and speculation about the break up of the currency.   Which probably won’t happen for a long time, if ever.

But news and fear drives the stock market.

However, true to my thoughts.  Appl barely moved below its price on Friday.

My theory is that many players will be lining up to play AAPL today.

The price of the stock should move up drastically today.  And I will sell sometime today.

However, I could be wrong, it has certainly happened before.

This is my guess about what is going to happen today.

However, I could change my plan, to be inline with changes as necessary.

Ok, we will see how it goes today.  Comment below as you wish.

Again, do not invest based on anything you read on this blog.  I’m an amateur at best and investing is always a risk.


I just checked,  AAPL is up $30 in After Hours Trading.

Well, I said above that I reserved the right to change my mind as the day went on and that is what I did.

I held on to the AAPL Stock into earnings and DID NOT sell today.


The stock was behaving in a way that I did not expect.  It was down for the day.   And on top of that volume was pretty much even with the 10 day average.

This meant that the ‘smart money’  was staying put and that got me to wondering.   ( Not that I’m saying there is insider information floating around with those institutional investors or anything like that… )

Just saying the ‘smart money’ must have suspected something.   Therefore, I made the decision to stay in.

After reading all the naysayers on twitter, I have to admit that I got a bit nervous.

However, when earnings were announced it was clear that the naysayers were mistaken.

So, I held on to AAPL this time and if there is another meteoric rise like last time (after the last earnings report), then I will be glad that I did!

You can comment below…

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29 Responses to “Update On My AAPL Stock Trade”

  1. Michael Belk Says:

    I think you chose a good stock to pay the earnings game. I am curious to see how the Wal Mart news is going to affect the stock. Wal Mart is not the honest comp-any that we thought they were. They grew by any means necessarily.

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks, I hope you are right. The market players are pushing apple down right now. I’m thinking there will be a slingshot effect before the day is over. But it could carry past earnings like last time. In that case, I could get hurt. My intention is to get out today though.

    As for Walmart, it does not surprise me that they gave out bribes in Mexico. Would be great if justice would be served but Walmart has enough money to buy their way out of any problem that comes up and I guess that is what will happen if anyone or any government challenges them in court. They will pay fines and that will be it. Funny how justice works in America. If you have the money, you can do almost anything. I don’t intend to be pessimistic, but doesn’t it seem that way to you too?

  3. Michael Belk Says:

    I think Wal Mart does have a lot of money, but I think it will be the consumer that has the last word. If enough people stopped shopping there they will get the message. I think they take their customers for granted. I stopped shopping there as much because I hate big stores. i am very happy with the smaller specialized stores, did Wal-Mart start out appealing to the small person?

  4. Dave Says:

    I agree with you Michael. Yes, they started out that way. But now they are so big, they are in a position to bully others. I have heard the rumors that they strong arm suppliers for far better prices than other retailers are paying. When the suppliers give in, it gives WalMart an unfair competitive advantage. It could be that Amazon is doing something similar as well. I can’t prove anything, but it seems suspicious to me…

    What do you think?

  5. TB at BlueCollarworkman Says:

    “After reading all the naysayers on twitter, I have to admit that I got a bit nervous” – That right there is your problem man! I don’t know jack about jack when it comes to stocks and market stuff, but I do know to not listen to closely to others. Although I think you already know that…

  6. Dave Says:

    Hi TB, you are certainly right about that. The most important thing that I was reminded of is that just because someone speaks with authority doesn’t mean that 1. they have authority 2. they know what they are talking about.

    I have to remember this more often going forward. I think I’ve gotten fairly good at remembering it when I evaluate people / situations, but sometimes I am still surprised.

    Some people were so sure that AAPL was going to miss, but they were SO off the mark… It is a very interesting human dynamic that I must remember. btw: Do you meditate at all? check this out: http://www.falundafa.org

  7. Michael Belk Says:

    How did you do with Apple. I used to watch the market everyday.

  8. Dave Says:

    Hi Michael, did great. Held it through earnings. Up almost $50 at market close today. I try to avoid watching it daily to be honest. one can spend a great deal of time tied to the computer like that. I try to only put extra time in at critical moments. how did you do when you were watching it daily?

  9. Fazal Mirza Says:

    really smart money Dave!!!

  10. Dave Says:

    Thanks Fazal

  11. Zac Johnson Says:

    Good move… I’m still kicking myself for selling in the $300s after buying in the high $170s!

  12. Dave Says:

    Hi Zac, I did something very similar and I wrote: It was a mistake to sell my appl stock as a result.

    AAPL is a very unique company and it is very interesting. The last gain happened in a matter of months when they went from $324 to over $600. That was a huge move and I missed it too. I feel similar pain. The gains I didn’t get to enjoy as a result was the most painful part.

  13. Harleena Singh Says:

    Interesting Dave!

    I’m not really much into shares, stocks and of the kinds, but reading through your post I could make out that you made some good judgement and move about the same. Great going!

  14. Dave Says:

    Hi Harleena, thank you. However, I must say that even though things sound really good on this story, it is not always the case. I’ve had many trades that have gone sour.

    The market is very hard to predict and it really may not be the best placed to spend time if you have any investment capital. It’s very risky.

    Yet, we all have heard the stories of how it has worked out for people.

    AAPL is a very special stock. AAPL is arguably the biggest company in the world right now. And that is significant. However, investing in stocks is risky and dangerous.

    I do not claim to really understand the markets, but I don’t mind posting my thoughts here for people to read – and some of my experiences too. Thanks Harleena.

  15. Syeda Mehwish Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thankyou for sharing your story. I was really interested in shares or stock in past because few members of my family also working on it and they are very successful but unfortunately I am not good in predicting this market and thats why I don’t want to take risk at the moment but may be later in my life I again think for it.

  16. Ray Says:

    I used to play the market years ago. After a lot of ups and downs I stopped playing. I didn’t do a lot of research so I figured this probably isn’t such a good idea anymore. It was kind of fun to watch the market at the time. I bought a number of shares back then that I really wish I wouldn’t have now, but that is part of the game. If we knew which ones were going to be winners we would all be rich.

  17. Debbie Says:

    Euro won’t break. There are too many political interests so the Union would fall apart. The difficult days have passed.

  18. Dave Says:

    Yes, I don’t think so either Debbie.

  19. Jane Says:

    It sounds pretty cool! I haven’t heard about AAPL trading before, and honestly I am dumb to these economical things, but it sounds really interesting! I think I have to do some research about this topic…

  20. Dave Says:

    Hi Jane, Trading is certainly an interesting topic. It is not for the risk-adverse or the faint-of-heart though. Proceed with extreme caution and check with a trusted expert before doing anything.

  21. Pete Goumas Says:

    Thanks Dave for sharing your story. I also heard from different places that AAPL is a unique company. I am not actually in this trade but I have to ask you that what was your first spending in buying shares? Because of its ups and downs I am affraid to buy shares.

  22. Dave Says:

    Hi Pete, If I remember correctly, I bought AAPL at different points. But I jumped in again after the crash of 2008? or so at about $89 per share. But I didn’t stay in. I would have done better if I had! But I jumped in and out at different points in time. I am not sure that answered your question?

  23. Olawale Daniel Says:

    Hi Dave,

    One thing I’ve come to realized the hard way is to always try to analyse everything before taking steps. If you are able to analyse better, you will not much than others who rush in doing things.

    Thanks for your practical advice and guides

  24. Dave Says:

    Hi Olawale

    That is very sound advice. You do have to look at everything, including the direction of the overall market. Good point!

  25. Pete Goumas Says:

    Thats what I exactly want to know, Dave. I think, in the beginning we have to start with investing small amout of $ per share and when we get enough experience in this market then start to take risks with high amount of money.

  26. Dave Says:

    Hi Pete, that is an excellent way to go. Start small. There is almost always a learning curve. The market is driven by people’s behavior though – and that is a key point for people to understand.

  27. Christine Says:

    I’ve been always sceptic with Wal Mart, I’ve always preferred the small shops or the best way is to grow your own. We couldn’t picture ourselves how much poison we get with the food from the supermarket. An organic living is necessary to survive our plastic world fulfilled with junk food.

  28. Corky Swanson Says:

    So did you sell the next day? Or are you still holding Apple? I’ve made big bucks on penny stocks and lost it on conservative ones. It’s all timing — the market sometimes ignores news, both good and bad.

  29. Dave Says:

    Hi Cory, I still have it. but you are right it would have been better if I sold it right away and waited for it to sink again.

    The problem was, the last time I did that, AAPL went up 180$ per share and I missed out. I was holding it in case that happened again.

    But I suspect a bounce is coming very soon. That is why I continue to hold it – for now.

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