Monetizing With Ecommerce

What Is Ecommerce?

For the purpose of this discussion, Ecommerce is the online retail sale of products that you buy wholesale.    Nothing fancy-schmancy, a simple but powerful concept!

This is a time tested and ancient way of doing business.  It has been this way, probably for thousands of years.

You go to the store and buy a product at retail price that the store bought at wholesale.   You might even do this every day of your life.

This is called commerce.   The online version of this time honored business model is Ecommerce.

As funny as it sounds, Ecommerce is nothing new, it is just a modern twist on what has always worked.

You can sell your digital products side-by-side with your physical products if you wish.

I’ve sold both physical and digital products.  I do believe that the physical product side is, generally speaking,  going to be more lucrative than the digital product side.

Of course, there are exceptions, that is why I said ‘in general’.   LOL.

But more often than not, I think a real business, built on real, physical products is an easier rode to ride.

Go ahead and call me crazy (or ignorant) if you wish!

Why Consider Ecommerce?

Many people are looking to monetize their websites and perhaps even build a full time income or to increase the revenue of an existing business!

As I’ve mentioned before it is not easy to build a business.

I also mentioned how it might be necessary to generate additional income streams when you are facing a lot of debt and (just) being frugal still isn’t enough based on current income.

Just do not be blinded to the fact that whatever type of business you end up building, it is likely going to take a good bit of work!

With Ecommerce, you can build a list of buyers who have already purchased a product from you.  If you are into ‘list building’, that is exactly the kind of list that you want.

You can also get affiliates to promote your Ecommerce store products for you!    You can even have a data feed for the affiliates whereby they display your products on their sites.

BTW: If you are really into affiliate marketing.   We have an affiliate program at:  Toothy Grins Store  – just scroll to the bottom of Toothy Grins Store and there you can sign up for our affiliate program.    It pays a little better than some of the ‘big name’ retailers out there do.

You can take (more) advantage of PPC (Pay per click) marketing.  Because you are directly selling a product, it MIGHT be easier to create a successful campaign than with other types of products.   The search engine PPC programs seem to favorably regard Ecommerce stores over some other types of sites.

It’s clear that you are selling a product, so there is less chance for misconception on the part of your readers / site users.  This may be another reason that SEs (Search Engines) like Ecommerce sites.

When people arrive on an Ecommerce site, they can see right away that there are products for sale there, they have no need to fear a hidden agenda.  Indeed, many times they are looking to buy the exact product you have on your site.

How Does Ecommerce Fit In With Blogging? 

That is fairly easy to explain.  You could use your blog to drive traffic to your Ecommerce store.

You Could:

Blog about your products and display images of them.

You can post positive feedback and testimonials from YOUR customers.

You can blog product related stores about the products you sell.  These can be your own stories or those of happy customers.

Ever wonder if you were getting credited for all of your affiliate sales?   Well, with an Ecommerce site, you KNOW if a sale has been made.

That is some of the power of Ecommerce over other forms of monetization that exist on the Internet today.

Some examples of Ecommerce stores, aside from Toothy Grins Store, are Amazon, Barnes & Nobles,  Best Buy,  Dell,  Apple, WalMart,  and many, many others.

You might have better luck selling physical products over digital products.

Ecommerce seems to work for a lot of people.

It may not be right for everyone, but maybe it is right for you?

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15 Responses to “Monetizing With Ecommerce”

  1. Jeremy Ruggles Says:

    Hi David,

    List building is an important part of any business. Blogging is a great way to add additional subscribers to your list. Even people who have never bought from you before can opt in to your list to receive information about products or services you have to offer. This method is used by many businesses to connect with like minded people.

    Take care,


  2. Dave Says:

    Yes, that is true Jeremy. But a list of buyers is generally considered more valuable than a list of people who opted in for your freebie.

  3. Andrei Says:

    Hi Dave,

    So in a nutshell, Ecommerce is basically selling items online? Is online marketing similar with Ecommerce?

    Nice article by the way.

  4. Dave Says:

    They are all related Andrei. But instead of digital products as many online marketers like to promote, you are dealing with physical products. Similar to what you do there at pawntique – you need the physical product in your possession to provide collateral for the loan. Similar concept, but just buying and selling as you would see in the grocery store. Fun stuff!

  5. Andrei Says:

    Cool! You got a NICE specific example there. Thanks.

  6. Dave Says:

    🙂 you bet! Thanks for commenting at ATP..

  7. Ray Says:

    I would imagine that it can be difficult to compete with sites like Amazon and some other popular shops. Online shopping is very convenient, and there is usually a pretty good deal to be found. Save a little time, gas, and you don’t even have to leave home. Finding the right products and a good marketing plan would probably help.

  8. Dave Says:

    sure, but Amazon refuses to provide customer phone support and this is one area where you can provide a service that others do not. And there are other factors similar to that one too So, it is not necessarily about competing with others. It is more about providing a service that can be helpful and meaningful to people.

  9. farouk Says:

    can’t agree more
    i left my main career to dedicate more time to my internet business
    and it paid off
    thanks David : )

  10. Dave Says:

    Hi Farouk, I’m glad that it worked out for you. Do you have any advice for people who have not taken the leap yet?

  11. Suresh Khanal Says:

    I’m selling some Amazon products successfully on my blog and some affiliate products such as plugins. Yes I agree blogging can be used to promote eCommerce site boost your sales. Interested to check Toothy Grins Store.

  12. Dave Says:

    Hi Suresh, sounds good. keep us updated on your progress. Are you selling any other products besides Amazon? Their commissions are usually around 4% Toothy Grins Store is at 12%. Thanks for your comment!

  13. Danny Says:

    That’s a good point you have raised, David, in regards to the difference of perception between a digital product versus a physical product.
    Also, considering the extent to which ” Free products—E-books, etc” are offered, it may have in some way devalued peoples views on digital products….more or less…..

    I was going to jump into Amazon a while back, though after doing a bit of background research, I decided to pass on this…
    The reason being that, there were just so many people running their Amazon stores for prolonged periods, with very little to show for it….

    Yes, there are always exceptions…though, the vast majority of people seemed very disappointed with their results…

    That does not mean that I still feel Amazon is a complete waste of time. In fact, I think Amazon would do well as part of multiple money(income) streams, where even modest earnings from Amazon, would then be seen as being beneficial.

  14. Dave Says:

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate your thoughts and insight.

    Making money online is difficult no matter which way you go in my opinion – for the most part – time, effort and work are involved.

    I do believe in ‘instant’ success but I also believe it is relatively rare. Most of us have to work to varying degrees to get where we want to go.

    What I like about ecommerce is that it is a fair exchange. With an e-book or other digital product, you really don’t know if the money you are paying is more or less valuable than the product you get.

    With physical products it is very straight forward. The person receives a real physical item, that they know they want, in exchange for their cash.

    This is why I tend to look at selling physical products as somehow more ‘honest’.

    Anyone can hype up the value of a product, but is the hype genuine? That’s the question that concerns me when I think about making money online.

    Thanks again for commenting Danny, I hope to hear from you again soon!

  15. David Says:

    Here is a link to get started with or learn more about ecommerce:

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