Apple Stock Now At 585 Per Share

This is truly incredible.  Just about the middle of January, I sold my AAPL stock for $424 per share.

I could never have predicted that just two months later it would be at $585.

Here were my previous posts on this stock:


It was an obvious mistake to sell my AAPL Stock.

Why I Sold My AAPL Stock Yesterday

Obviously, it can be said that I had no idea what I was talking about.

When the stock was $100 over where I bought it, I thought it couldn’t possibly go any higher.  Now it is nearly $160 per share higher.   I cannot begin to tell you how painful that is!

And it appears to be poised to go even higher.  This is truly incredible!

And I can see why.  Today I was at an AAPL store.  They were incredibly busy.  There were enough people there that the local police station had an officer standing just outside the door to the store.

I am shocked.

I started talking to one of the guys working there about the stock rise.  He said they call can’t believe it either.

He said that he has heard that it may go to $1000 per share.

If I am not mistaken. AAPL has now surpassed Exon as the company with the biggest War chest on the planet.

While I am extremely sad to see that I lost out on the $160 per share gains, I am contemplating a jump back in.

But do NOT listen to me.  You can see from the above articles that I am not good at predictions!

Also, you should obtain professional investing advice before taking any action.  That was said for your protection as well as mine.

Ok, so where do YOU think AAPL is headed and WHY? (comments open below)

4 Responses to “Apple Stock Now At 585 Per Share”

  1. Deborah Anderson Says:

    Great post! I am personally an Apple-addict, although I also live in a Windows world, especially servers and server apps… Guess that makes me a geek. But, I am probably helpful in that stock going up (having been a CTO in a firm that bought all Mac)… Is there a trend? Probably with the trendy people…

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Deborah, Yes, I bet you did help. I personally think that more businesses will be turning to Apple. I believe this trend will increase as more IT people realize that they will actually spend LESS in the long run by using AAPL products. But, many have not quite seen through the forest yet. The question is only ‘when’ they will.

  3. Deborah Anderson Says:

    Ok.. a bit delayed on my response.. Curious if you bought any more AAPL stock, Dave 😉

    Really, I wonder IF they will see the value in Apple products. THe former CEO saw the value, but the support was not there for the proprietary financial industry software. Ok, we could have made it work, but how many hours can one eek out of one day… Hey, maybe there is a new concept for a new company, Dave!


  4. Dave Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    I have not, but I am thinking of jumping in now that earnings is approaching. It was pushed down two days ago but sling shot back up yesterday. might go to 630 before earnings – [Disclaimer, I either own or am thinking of owning this stock.]

    any thoughts?

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