Coffee Shop Millionaires

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of spam email messages with the headline “Coffee Shop Millionaires”.

This is disgusting to me because it implies that becoming a millionaire is easy and simple.   I guess all you have to do is buy whatever program they are selling.

The sad thing is that this is the same old tired scam that has been working for centuries.    The promise of easy wealth is a deception that people have fallen prey to over and over again.

It is as if there is a loophole in the human psyche.  Every scam artist must learn this is in elementary ‘rip off’ school 101.

Pick Pocket Thieves

On a side note, did you know that in South America there is a school called “The School Of The Seven Bells.”  OK, it is surely not an official school but there apparently exists a criminal training of this name.

This school teaches its students how to be expert pick pockets.   To graduate they must pick 7 pockets with bells attached to them.  They must not ring any of the bells.

I know this sounds like a tall tale, but it was told to me by someone who worked in security for the casinos of Atlantic City.

False or not it is an interesting story.

But I digress.

Scam artists have always existed and will always exist.  It is sad that there is some loophole in the human mindset that allows this type of scam to happen.

Man And Daughter Fall Victim to the Nigerian Bank Scam

You have probably received dozens of messages that are a variation of the Nigerian Bank Scam.   The originator of the email claims to have access in some semi-official sounding way to millions of dollars but needs  your help to ‘liberate’ that money.

You are offered a nice percentage of whatever the alleged amount is.

I recently read in the NEWS that a Korean man and his daughter recently fell for the Nigerian Bank Scam.  They went to South Africa to collect the millions that they were allegedly to be the recipients of.

Instead, they were held for ransom by the scam artists.

My Own Scam Experience

Sometimes, people build a relationship over time in order to pull a scam.   I was personally scammed out of $600 dollars in this way.   You can read the whole story.

It angered me to be victimized in this way.  But you know, it was a great experience.   I am not so trusting anymore.  Yet,  I still automatically give people the benefit of the doubt.  It is just that when there is something financial at stake, I tend to steer clear.

Perhaps we all have been victimized by such an experience.

Business and Investment Scams

Everyone has heard of the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme.   This went on for so long in plain site and no one figured out what was going on.

Yet, investment scams have been going on for a long time, many of the stories never make the news.

There was a local town where a man was apparently selling legit investments for a decade or two and then he decided to steal the people’s money. It was another 10 or twenty years before he was caught and that was probably because he decided to skip town and ‘disappear’.

On a very sad note.  He was only sentenced to very light jail time and only spent a few months in jail before being released.  Most of the money was never recovered from what I understand.


Scams are happening all of the time. We really have to be wary and pay attention to who and what we are doing business with. It is not always easy to spot a scam.

If you think you have been a victim of a scam, report it to your State’s attorney general’s office. If you don’t happen to live in America, report the crimes to someone in the government.   Since this kind of thing happens everywhere, every country has some type of mechanism to deal with these problems.

When enough people complain, very often a government is in a situation where it MUST take action.

Human nature isn’t likely to change. There are good and bad people in the world. I hope you are one of the good ones. More importantly, I hope you never fall to temptation and become one of the bad ones.

Next time you see an email with the headline “Coffee Ship Millionaires” – send it to the junk folder – where it belongs!

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12 Responses to “Coffee Shop Millionaires”

  1. Amy Turner Says:

    As long as there are gullible persons who easily fall prey to sly opportunists, these scams will go on. Let us all contribute to step up the campaign to spread the word on how to prevent being victims to these unscrupulous persons. If there is no prey the predator will perish.

  2. Dave Says:

    good point Amy, I can only hope you are right.

    Maybe we can reduce the number of them, but I think the tendency exists within human nature

  3. Derek Says:

    How could anyone fall for those Nigerian bank scams?! Its obvious they are a scam. With that said, I’ve also been scammed out of quite a bit of money before. I even had a guy pay me back, plus interest to gain my trust and then over time kept trying to get the money out of me and then some. I knew his game and didn’t follow along.. amazing how many low-lifes there are in this world.

  4. Dave Says:

    Hi Derek,

    I know it is hard to believe that anyone could fall for it. But according to what I have read it happens quite frequently.

    That would explain why we keep receiving those emails. Out of millions of emails sent, there is probably always someone who falls for it.

    It’s good that you were able to see through that guy’s scam. I had a very trusting nature at the time I was scammed. It leaves you with such a bad feeling too.

    I was shocked because I actually thought this guy was someone with some principles. I sure was wrong about that! I guess you live and learn. Thanks for your comment Derek.

  5. Rick Says:

    I myself has experienced scams when I was young. But this is through a text message, They say I won the prize money of a contest but in fact I haven’t joined anything. Luckily I was not able to be a victim of scams. We have to be careful though and must not be mislead my this fraud doers! Thanks for an eye opening article.

  6. Eileen Says:

    The road to wealth is never easy. You have to give it your time, effort and commitment. You have to work hard for it but it’s fruit is always sweet.

  7. Dave Says:

    Hi Eileen, it can be. But hard work and rewards in combination can probably be described better as ‘bittersweet’! on way is through:

  8. Lisha Says:

    Yeah, in order to be a coffee shop millionaire, you’re going to be spending 14 hours a day 7 days a week 365/yr at the coffee shop, glued to your computer, working your ass off, and not to mention spending way too much on coffee during the process, lol!

    Oh my gosh about your scam situation you went through. I’m going to go read your full story now..


  9. Dave Says:

    Hi Lisha,

    Yes, it takes work and a lot of it. but 24X7 is too much. People can and do earn good money online, but it is like a job in the sense that it takes work. And it it is not like a job in the sense that it is your own business. (or can be)

  10. Danyelle Franciosa Says:

    There is no impossible to the things that you want to have in life when you put all things in good. Patience, perseverance and sacrifice is the key. By the way, scams are everywhere and I myself one of the victims of that.

  11. Dave Says:

    Hi Danyelle, It sounds like you have the right attitude for success. Yes, I agree that we all have been scammed. What is interesting about me is that I am always surprised when it happens, even though it has happened many times before. Strange, isn’t it?

  12. Matthew Says:

    Yes we can reduce them, but it might take an extra effort to do so. Anyhow, great article!

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