Earn money through affiliate marketing…

In today’s world, many people are seeking a way to make some extra cash. Affiliate marketing has become one of the methods that people use to earn a little more than they currently have.

Some people have even turned affiliate marketing into a full time business.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially a per sale payment for the sales that you make. Yes, if you are thinking ‘commission sales’ you are absolutely right. Because that is exactly what affiliate marketing is.

The one difference between this and traditional commission sales work is that you might never have contact or conversation with your prospects.

Online affiliate marketing can be as simple as a link that you place on your blog, website, facebook page, twitter posts, or in your email to other people (after your signature). When a potential customer clicks on this link and makes a purchase, provided that everything is set up and transpires correctly, the affiliate marketer makes a commission each time that this happens.

With affiliate marketing, you can sell physical products or information products. I have personally had the best luck with physical products.

A good example of an affiliate program that you can join to sell physical products is that at Toothy Grins Store. With that program, you can earn a commission selling products like this one.

Disclaimer: The author of this post works for Toothy Grins Store.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products around the globe that you can sell with affiliate marketing. One strategy might be to simply sell the products that you are already familiar with and that you like.

The possibilities are many with affiliate marketing. How you do it has a lot to do with your personal imagination and effort.

You can take an email course on affiliate marketing by signing up here.

Starting an online business is not always easy and there is no guarantee that you will be successful.

Much will depend on your personal efforts.  Not to mention a bit of luck.

Be sure to consult the appropriate professionals for any business that you start or think about starting.

This post and email course speak in general terms only.

Sign up for the email course here.

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8 Responses to “Earn money through affiliate marketing…”

  1. Rzi Says:

    Affiliate marketing is the most genuine way of making money online.But you need to built trust on your target market as well and this is the key thing

  2. Andrei Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Does an affiliate marketer only gets a commission if a purchase is made? Or does he earn even in just clicks of an ad?
    Coz that’s what I thought about affiliate marketing. You can earn in just clicks.


  3. Dave Says:

    Hi Andrei, yes, in affiliate marketing – you only get paid when a sale is made, you do not get paid for impressions nor do you get paid for clicks.

  4. Ehsan Says:

    Interesting post. I’m earning a good monthly income from affiliate marketing. It’s easiest way of earning for me.

  5. Dave Says:

    Hi Ehsan, that is great. I think affiliate marketing is a good way to go. I’m glad that you are able to make it work for you. I hope your comment inspires more people to learn about it.

    There is still plenty to do out there in regards to affiliate marketing!

  6. Sanjib Saha Says:

    Hello Everyone
    This is my first visit to your blog and this looks awesome. Now let me tell you frankly, when i was a freelance writer, i used to think what this affiliate marketing is. When i started my own blog, i got the answer what affiliate marketing is and then i thought one cant make a huge money with affiliate marketing. But now i realized you can make the maximum money with affiliate marketing, (much more than what you can do with Google Adsense). But earning is not as fast as you can earn by Adsense. You need to have a good mailing list and good amount of readers.
    I have already subscribed and am interested in learning more about Affiliate marketing.
    Thanks and regards

  7. deanne sotero Says:

    Affiliate marketing has indeed made lots of individuals make money online. It is beneficial for the creator of the affiliate and for the affiliate member as well since it can provide both money and online presence as well. 🙂

  8. Dave Says:

    Actually, very few people succeed as affiliates and make a full time living from it.

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