Blog Desk

Just found this cool software.

It’s called BlogDesk!

This is my first post with BlogDesk and I wanted to see how it looks. Let me know what you think.

BlogDesk can upload images like this one:

books zfl

My Favorite book! – Zhuan Falun

So, this was a test for the upload of the image.

If you are seeing it look rather big (not a thumbnail) then I’m really excited.

Let me explain: utilizing pictures with word press was a bit cumbersome.

I know there are a lot of plugins out there available to utilize, but I just didn’t feel like finding those plugins and testing them.

I was even going to install an image gallery to make things easier. I might not need to do that now.

So, let me know what you think.

Ok, here is another image:

banner 150x45

This image is for a FREE e-book on getting rid of bad breath.

Man, I hope this works! If you see the image larger than a thumbnail then it did work.

Ok, BlogDesk also comes with some technorati tag software. Previously, I have used Odiphelia’s bookmarklet to generate tags. Lets see how BlogDesk does.

Well, I’m excited to test this out.

Just to let you know what we have here at All Things Pondered:

1. Community Blog – you’re looking at it now

2. Article Directory – check it out. lots of articles on all kinds of topics.

3. Discussion Forum – Discuss anything (almost – family friendly) at All Things Pondered

and off this site, there is – a health, fitness and wellness resource.

Here I will link to a file about Russian Kettlebells

Now, if that works. I’m going to be really impressed. Well, ok – maybe that is something easy to do, so I’m not really impressed. But it is a fun test anyway.

Alright, I’m uploading straight from my BlogDesk software!

Tell me how it looks, comment below!

Oh, did I mention BlogDesk is FREE and that it comes with a built in spell checker and dictionary.

– Dave


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  1. David Says:

    ok, RAD – now that is a term I haven’t used for a long time. Actually, I never liked it but I had a friend in the Navy that did. And the way he said it was infectious.

    Ok – RAD – The image aspect of Blog Desk works like a CHARM! I’m loving this software!

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