Are You Afraid Of Dying?

August 2nd, 2016

I can understand this kind of fear.   But, If I may, I’d like to attempt to help you shift your perspective just a bit.   Because, I really believe that death is not something that we should fear – except in one situation.   If you have been a very bad person in this life, then you might need to fear death.   So be a good person… always…

As human beings in this current period of time, we tend to live about a 100 years or so, give or take a few decades.   That means at some point it is likely that we are going to face death.

The scary part is that you aren’t aware of more than you have been able to learn since the time you were born.  When you were born, there wasn’t much but a blank sheet.  Your life since then has been an attempt to fill in the details and understand life as best you can with the limited knowledge that we have, as individuals, accumulated since birth.

So, you hear all kinds of numbers.  Some people say the Earth is about 4.5 Billion years old.   I would guess they say the Universe is much older.   There are 200 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.   There are more than 170 billion Galaxies in the known Universe – scientists’ best guess, the last I heard.

That’s a lot of stars and planets out there.   To think that life is limited to just this one place in all of that space is a seemingly flawed mind set.  I hold that to be self evident.  So, you can argue if you want to, but it’s what I believe.

Anyway, if space is so vast, what about time?    Do you really believe, in your heart of hearts, that you only get this 100 years to live?   I highly doubt that.  And I think you should doubt it too.

Maybe you awake, upon death, to find a new life?   Why wouldn’t that be the case?   There are tons of evidence, even if it isn’t objective, that we continue to live.

Some people like to talk about the ‘light and the tunnel” and the seeing God phenomenon as just illusions the brain creates when your body dies.  How do they know they are right about that?   They say there is no evidence for life after death.   I say there is no evidence that disproves life after death!   There seems to be plenty of subjective and experiential evidence of life continuing.   Why shouldn’t we believe that is the case, in light of all that?

If you are afraid of death, I’d like for you to take a little time.  Take weeks and months if necessary and ask yourself what the meaning of life really is.   You don’t need to consult others, just ask yourself.   Form your own conclusions after you have thought about it deeply.   I think you will find that you really don’t need to be afraid at all.

I only wanted to say these words to help those who are seriously afraid of death.   I hope this helps.  I honestly don’t think you need to be afraid, unless you have done a lot of bad in this lifetime.   Then, maybe.   But that is a different story.   For most people, I’m pretty confident that life does not end at death.

For you to develop that confidence, it might take really thinking about it.   Put some time into it.   Maybe you will realize that there is plenty of ‘evidence’ around that points to continued existence after death.   Empirical evidence that leads one to a definitive, without a scientific doubt conclusion?  No.    But, there is plenty of evidence pointing to life after death.   Just take a look.

Finally,  I’d like to recommend a book.  It’s a book of knowledge.  It’s a book that leads to deeper understanding about life and the Universe that we live in.   I think it is worth your time to read – more than once actually.   That book is Zhuan Falun and you can download a free copy in most languages here:  

Best wishes for the brightest future and please do not fear death.   You’ll live better if you are not overly afraid of death.

Sure, the unknown is scary.  But you made it from a relatively helpless baby until today.  That’s pretty much a total miracle when you think about it.
Why shouldn’t there be life after this life when you consider all that there is to consider?


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July 28th, 2016

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Easy to Disassemble Bed Frame – Made in the USA

July 24th, 2016

platoform Bed Frame


I just purchased a bed frame that is crafted in the USA.

It is made of pine.

It is very easy to put together without any tools.  I think I was done in 15 minutes and probably could have been done even faster.

The reason I wanted a frame like this is so that it would be easy to take with me or put into storage if I move.    This is something I can take apart quickly and carry myself.   No need to bother friends for help or to borrow a truck.

In addition, it is sturdy construction.  It is NOT like some furniture where you can put it together once or maybe twice and then it will not work very well thereafter.

Plus, as I mentioned before it is very uncomplicated – unlike the lengthy process that some furniture often takes.

If you want to see the bed frame that I purchased, here it is (click link to see) :    My new bed frame

There is no screwing screws directly into wood, which is hard to duplicate if you take it apart even once.

This frame is very nice and I have ordered an awesome mattress to put on top of it.   (Also crafted in the USA – according to the seller).

If you have questions about my experience, or comments of your own, please use the comments section below.

Stop Forced Organ Harvesting

June 26th, 2016

You can take action, right now, against the Chinese Communists practice of forced organ harvesting against prisoners of conscience.

This petition is sponsored by Doctors Against Force Organ Harvesting.

If you want to sign to show that you stand against this horrible practice and to help Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting stop this inhumane and insane practice, you can sign a petition here:

I highly recommend that you do sign it.  This is a chance to make the world a better place and show your support against such horrific human rights abuses.



Learn A Language In Seven Days – NOT!

June 26th, 2016

You have probably seen either the spam emails or the advertisements that are showing up on even very popular websites suggesting that you can learn a language in just seven days.

I hope it is obvious that most people will not be learning a new language in seven days. There may be an extremely rare exception, but it is not likely that people are going to become fluent in a language in just 7 days.

It’s just no practical. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes practice.

There are a host of courses out there. If you are bewildered, avoid the ones that make big promises.

Just realize that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race.

I tried a couple of different programs out while trying to learn German.

After a few years, I realized that one of my original choices (that a subsequently ignored) was Rosetta Stone.

When I returned to it, years later, I realized it would have been best if I had completed that training first before trying other things.

I hope this information helps someone looking to learn a new language.

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